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Premier was a Russian cycling team .

The team was founded in 2006 and had a UCI license as a Continental Team , with which it mainly participated in races on the UCI Europe Tour . The manager was Sergei Azarov, who was supported by another sporting director , Vasily Fokin .

Successes in 2007

date run winner
April 21 RussiaRussia1st stage Grand Prix of Sochi Denis Galimsyanov
April 23 RussiaRussia3rd stage Grand Prix of Sochi Roman Klimow
April 24th RussiaRussia4th stage Grand Prix of Sochi Roman Klimow
April 25 RussiaRussia5th stage Grand Prix of Sochi Daniil Komkov
2.May RussiaRussia Grand Prix of Moscow Roman Klimow
May 3rd RussiaRussia Mayor Cup Denis Galimsyanov
May 9 RussiaRussia5th stage Five Rings of Moscow Denis Galimsyanov
28th of May RussiaRussia5th stage Tour de Berlin Denis Galimsyanov
16th of July RussiaRussia1st stage Way to Pekin Alexei Kunschin
17th July RussiaRussia2nd stage Way to Pekin Alexei Kunschin
July 18th RussiaRussia3rd stage Way to Pekin Alexei Kunschin
15-23 July RussiaRussia Overall ranking Way to Pekin Alexei Kunschin

Team 2007

Surname birthday nationality Team 2008
Anton Afonin June 19, 1988 RussiaRussia Russia
Alexander Bespalov May 10, 1981 RussiaRussia Russia
Denis Galimsyanov March 7, 1987 RussiaRussia Russia Katyusha
Roman Klimow January 19, 1985 RussiaRussia Russia Katyusha
Daniil Komkov October 31, 1985 RussiaRussia Russia Katyusha
Timofei Kritsky January 24, 1987 RussiaRussia Russia Katyusha
Alexei Kunschin October 20, 1987 RussiaRussia Russia Katyusha
Alexander Lebedev March 9, 1985 RussiaRussia Russia
Roman Mikhailov January 1, 1985 RussiaRussia Russia
Viktor Panayev September 16, 1985 RussiaRussia Russia
Alexander Serebryakov September 25, 1987 RussiaRussia Russia ACS Gruppo Lupi
Sergei Smirnov July 18, 1985 RussiaRussia Russia

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