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Pril is a brand for a dishwashing detergent from the Henkel Group .



Pril was developed in 1951 by the (formerly Chemnitz ) Henkel subsidiary "Böhme Fettchemie GmbH" as the first synthetic washing-up liquid and was initially launched on the market as a powder. It differed from previous detergents in that it did not use soda , which was gentle on the skin, and its particularly high fat-dissolving power, which was demonstrated in advertising from 1952 with a live duck. She sank up to her neck in an aquarium filled with water because the added detergent loosened the protective grease film on her feathers - an effect that has since been used to clean the plumage of seabirds contaminated with oil in tanker accidents.

The so-called Pril duck is an advertising figure created by Herbert Leupin in 1952 .

In 1959, liquid Pril came on the market in a round, blue bottle, which was replaced in 1960 by a characteristic flat bottle designed by Günter Kupetz . From 1972 to 1984, and most recently in 2015, these bottles had decorative stickers, the so-called " Prilblumen ", which consisted of flowers stylized by segments of circles in typical color combinations of the 1970s and which became so popular in Germany that countless them were used in this decade Kitchens were found on refrigerator doors, wall tiles, etc.

In 1992, Pril Supra, the first detergent concentrate in Germany, came onto the market.

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