Propsteier Villa

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View of room I towards the south
Reconstruction drawing, with Jupiter's column (not verified) and millstone (verified)
with a view from the southwest

The Propsteier Villa is the remnant of a Roman villa rustica on the southeast slope of the Propsteier Forest in the area of ​​the city of Eschweiler in the city ​​region of Aachen .

In an archaeological excavation and documentation carried out from autumn 1880 to autumn 1881 , it was dated to around 300 AD because of a copper coin of Emperor Valerian (reign 253–260 AD). Among other things, cellars, a courtyard, a pistrinum (grinding mill room ) with a millstone made of Eifel lava , a kitchen (room I), a bathing system with hypocaust and drainage ducts with a lead pipe were proven. The Propsteier Villa was found by chance in the summer of 1876. The hill there was popularly called the “Teufelsburg” in the Eschweiler district of Röhe .



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