Prosopography of the Middle Byzantine period

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The Prosopography of the Middle Byzantine Period (abbreviated PmbZ ) is a project of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences . It creates an encyclopedia of persons of the Byzantine Empire for the period from 641 AD to 1025. It thus follows on from the Prosopography of the Later Roman Empire . The extensive project is divided into two departments: the first covered the period from 641 to 867, the results (11,500 people and groups of people) were published in 1998–2002. The second section appeared in 2013 and contains around 10,200 articles. It is the most detailed and important prosopographical resource for the Middle Byzantine period.

Since 2013 the publisher Walter de Gruyter has also been offering the prosopography of the Middle Byzantine period online via its homepage . Originally it is a fee-based offer that contains all the lemmas of the PmbZ including subsequent additions; the database is currently freely accessible as part of the publisher's Open Access offer.


The resumption of the Prosopographia Byzantina project , which was already being considered by the Academy of Sciences of the GDR , came about after German unification and the founding of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences. In the years 1992 to 1994 the project was prepared under the leadership of the Byzantinist Ralph-Johannes Lilie and adapted to the most modern technical standards. The entries are recorded via a database that was subjected to a comprehensive control round for the first department in the summer of 1998. This section was published in five volumes (1998–2002). Six volumes of the accompanying series of Berlin Byzantine Studies have been published so far.

Work on the second section began after the first was completed (2002). In contrast to the first section, the second section does not appear successively, but will (with the exception of the volume Prolegomena, which was published in 2009) appear in print form as a single unit. A publication was originally planned for 2010, but this deadline could not be met. The eight main volumes of the second section were published in February 2013. Since then, all lemmas have also been available online for a fee via the prosopography of the Middle Byzantine period .

Since August 1, 2006, the PmbZ has provided an online index for the first department. On this occasion, the project in August 2006 was project of the month of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences.

Friedhelm Winkelmann was the project manager until 2007 , and Günter Prinzing from 2007 to 2012 . The head of the office was Ralph-Johannes Lilie from 1992 to 2012. Four full-time employees were employed in the project: Ralph-Johannes Lilie (1992–2013), Claudia Ludwig (1992–2011), Thomas Pratsch (1994–2011), Ilse Rochow (1992–1998), Beate Zielke (1998–2011) , to which up to two other employees came who were employed for shorter periods of time: Bettina Krönung, Harald Bichlmeier (between 2004 and 2009). There were also various voluntary workers, assistants and interns. External employees of the project include Wolfram Brandes , Daniel Föller and Alexander Beihammer .

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