Canada Province

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Canada Province
Historical flag of the VAR
Official languages English France
Capital Kingston
Administrative form British colony
governor see List of Prime Ministers of the Province of Canada
Existence period 1841-1867
Map of the province of Canada, consisting of the former colonies of Upper Canada (orange) and Lower Canada (green). In the background (pink) today's Canada.

The Province of Canada or the United Province of Canada ( French Province du Canada or Canada-Uni , English Province of Canada ) was a British colony in North America from 1841 to 1867 .

The province was created through the union of the British colonies of Lower Canada and Upper Canada . These former colonies were also unofficially called Eastern Canada (for Lower Canada) and Western Canada (for Upper Canada). Lower Canada and Upper Canada were merged into the Province of Canada in 1841 by the British Union Act of 23 July 1840 . As part of the Canadian Confederation , the province of Canada was incorporated into the newly created Canadian state in 1867 , where it became the separate provinces of Québec and Ontario .


The capital changed several times over the years.

  • Kingston 1841-44
  • Montréal 1844-49
  • Toronto 1849-52
  • Quebec 1852-56
  • Toronto 1856-58
  • Quebec 1859-66
  • Ottawa 1866-67

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