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According to DIN IEC 60050 -351, a process is defined as

"Totality of interacting processes in a system through which matter, energy or information is transformed, transported or stored"

- German Institute for Standardization e. V.

A technical process is that

"Totality of the processes in a technical system"

- German Institute for Standardization e. V.

One distinguishes


According to ISO 12207 , a process is “a set of interrelated means and activities that transform inputs into results. Processes are often broken down into sub-processes ".

Process components

Processes are often viewed as a “black box” , with an entrance and an exit . Processing takes place in the box ( EVA principle ). Goals are defined for the process and measured as individual parameters (as the difference between input and output). An actuator controls and regulates the processing according to defined rules depending on the target deviation.

Raw materials related to the process, input states
Defined sub-steps that each cause a preliminary stage of the initial result.
End products related to the process, initial states
Requirements relating to the process, which can be subdivided into the named process components.
Ways by the impact can be made to the process.
See also : parameters
Taxes and rules
Processes with which the processing can be controlled in such a way that the stability of the processing or the process goal can be optimally achieved. See also : control technology , control technology



When producing a glass, raw materials / ingredients are required as input . These are processed through defined processing steps and by supplying energy to the end product , which should be subject to defined requirements . The goals could be to manufacture the glass as environmentally friendly, high quality and inexpensive as possible. Parameters could be the duration of the processing, the mixing ratio of the raw / starting materials as well as the type and amount of energy input. These parameters are regulated and controllable.

Embedded Systems

From the perspective of an embedded system , the technical process communicates with sensors (recognizing the environment) and actuators (changing the environment) with its environment.

Efficient process description

In order to arrive at a description of a process efficiently, it often helps to describe the outcome or the expected result of a process as precisely as possible. As a result, the most important processing steps / stations up to the process entry are defined and then refined.


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