Pulpit Rock (Heard)

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Pulpit skirt
Waters Indian Ocean
Archipelago Heard and McDonald Islands
Geographical location 53 ° 5 ′  S , 73 ° 22 ′  E Coordinates: 53 ° 5 ′  S , 73 ° 22 ′  E
Pulpit Rock (Heard) (Heard and McDonald Islands)
Pulpit Rock (Heard)
Residents uninhabited

The Pulpit Rock (of English pulpit , pulpit , pulpit ' ) is a cliff rocks in the archipelago Heard and McDonald Islands in the southern Indian Ocean . It is located 160 m south of Cape Gazert off the west side of Heard .

The rock appears for the first time as an island on maps of the US sealer captain HC Chester from 1860, who was operating in the waters around the archipelago at the time. Measurements and the descriptive naming were carried out in 1948 by scientists from the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions .

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