Pyramidula chorismenostoma

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Pyramidula chorismenostoma
Pyramidula chorismenostoma

Pyramidula chorismenostoma

Order : Lung snails (pulmonata)
Subordination : Land snails (Stylommatophora)
Superfamily : Pupilloidea
Family : Pyramid snails (Pyramidulidae)
Genre : Pyramidula
Type : Pyramidula chorismenostoma
Scientific name
Pyramidula chorismenostoma
( Westerlund & Blanc , 1879)

Pyramidula chorismenostoma is a species of snail in the family of pyramid snails (Pyramidulidae) from the suborder of land snails (Stylommatophora). It is the only land snail species in Europe in which the coils become detached.


The right-hand winding case is flat-conical and measures 2.2 mm in width and 3.1 mm in height. It has up to 4½ turns that increase slowly. The first three turns are still rolled up regularly, then the turns separate from the previous turns. The last turn develops a weak keel on the outside. The mouth is rounded. The simple hem of the mouth is pointed and not turned over. The navel is very wide open navel,

The casing is light to red-brown in color, often becoming lighter towards the mouth. The growth strips are strongly developed.

Geographical distribution

Geographical distribution and habitat

The distribution area is limited to the south-eastern part of Greece including the Aegean islands and Crete as well as western Turkey.

The animals live in open biotopes on limestone cliffs.

Way of life

The animals are ovoviviparous, i.e. H. very few, very large eggs are produced which are retained in the mantle cavity. The young hatch in the mantle cavity and leave the mantle cavity as miniature adults. At this point you have formed 1½ turns.


The taxon was created by Carl Agardh Westerlund and Hippolyte Blanc in the original combination Helix rupestris subspecies? chorismusostoma set up. The species is widely recognized.


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