Pyrox Island

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Pyrox Island
Waters Neny Fjord
Geographical location 68 ° 13 ′  S , 66 ° 42 ′  W Coordinates: 68 ° 13 ′  S , 66 ° 42 ′  W
Pyrox Island (Antarctic Peninsula)
Pyrox Island

Pyrox Iceland (in Argentina Islote Dos Lomos , mutatis mutandis translated from Spanish island of two mountain ridges ) is an island off the Fallières coast of Graham Lands on the Antarctic Peninsula . It lies at the head of the Neny Fjord .

Scientists from the United States Antarctic Service Expedition (1939–1941) made the first measurements. Further measurements and the naming took place in 1949 by the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey . It is named after minerals from the pyroxene group found here . The name valid in Argentina dates back to 1957.

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