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The QUASAR engine (QUA.SAR, Qua rter Liter S mooth A ugmented R ange) is a generation of Piaggio engines that has been built since 2003.

The QUASAR engine was introduced in 2003 as a water-cooled 4-valve four-stroke engine with a displacement of 244 cm³. It is based on the LEADER engine, which it should expand and, in the medium term, replace with larger displacement, and in addition to more displacement, it also has a newly designed interior with an internal starter motor, a more compact flywheel, a larger oil supply, etc. The first engines are designed with a carburettor correspond to the Euro 2 standard. From 2005 it will be built with petrol injection and a regulated catalytic converter and thus complies with the Euro 3 standard . Since 2008/2009 a version with 124 cm³ and 278 cm³ displacement has also been offered. Quasar engines are used in the Piaggio X10 , the Piaggio MP3 , the Vespa GTS and many other vehicles.

Displacement classes

Control units

Differentiation according to the ECU (injection control unit)
construction time 2005-2006 2006–2012 from 2012
Pins 26 pins 26 pins 34 pins


For the gearbox, the reduction gearbox of the Leader motor that is installed in the long swing arms was used because it is larger and more stable.

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