Piaggio X10

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Piaggio X10 350

The Piaggio X10 is a large scooter from the Italian vehicle manufacturer Piaggio .

The Piaggio X10 was produced from 2012 to 2016 with engines between 125 cm³ and 500 cm³.

Models with a displacement of 350 cm³ or more have the Piaggio Multimedia Platform (PMP), which can be used to call up data on engine speed, speed, odometer, average and maximum speed, on-board voltage, consumption, etc. via a smartphone . In addition, the gyro sensors of the smartphone can also be used to measure and record the acceleration forces or the lean angle.

Model overview

All models have a single-cylinder, four-stroke, four- valve engine in accordance with the Euro 3 standard with liquid cooling, an overhead camshaft, intake manifold injection and a continuously variable automatic transmission.