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MP3 Piaggio.jpg
Piaggio MP3 (2007)
Piaggio MP3
Manufacturer Piaggio & CSpa
Production period since 2006
class Tricycle scooter
Motor data
QUA.SAR (300 cm³) / MASTER (500 cm³): four-stroke engine , liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine, 4 valves per cylinder, electronic fuel injection
  • MP3 YOUrban LT 300 i. e./Sport LT 300 i. e. :
    278 cm³ with 16.7 kW / 22.7 PS at 7500 rpm
    , 24 Nm at 5750 rpm , 118 km / h
  • MP3 LT Business / Sport 300 i. e. :
    278 cm³ with 16.5 kW / 22.5 PS at 7500 rpm
    , 23.2 Nm at 6500 rpm , 125 km / h
  • MP3 350 :
    330 cm³ with 22.5 kW / 30.7 PS at 8500 rpm
    , 29.0 Nm at 6250 rpm , 130 km / h
  • MP3 500 hpe :
    493 cm³ with 32.5 kW / 44.3 hp at 7750 rpm
    , 47.5 Nm at 5500 rpm , 145 km / h
transmission stepless variator
drive belt
Brakes MP3 500/300:
two disc brakes Ø 258 mm at the front, one disc brake Ø 240 mm at the rear; ABS
ø 240 mm front and back
Wheelbase  (mm) MP3 500: 1540 mm
MP3 300: 1490 mm
YOUrban: 1440 mm
Dimensions (L × W × H, mm): YOUrban: 2040 × 760 × 1320
MP3 300: 2160 × 760 × 1350
MP3 500: 2210 × 760 × 1350
Seat height (cm) 790 mm
Yourban: 780 mm
Empty weight  (kg) YOUrban: 226 kg
MP3 300: 256 kg
MP3 350: 256 kg
MP3 500: 275 kg
Previous model -

The Piaggio MP3 is a three-wheeled large scooter from the Italian vehicle manufacturer Piaggio .

Concept and versions

With the Piaggio MP3, a new vehicle concept was presented in 2006, which has two tiltable front wheels - comparable to a pendulum carriage - and a conventionally driven rear wheel as a special feature . There were initially three engine variants with 125, 250 and 400 cm³ available. Later 300 and 500 cc engines replaced the 250 and 400. The two front wheels are at a distance of 420 mm from each other, are connected to the frame by a complex parallelogram suspension and enable a curve inclination of a maximum of 40 degrees. This gives the vehicle better stability and largely prevents it from tipping over on slippery surfaces. Thus, the MP3 is better suited for bad weather conditions than a single-track vehicle. The three tires also provide greater grip than a two-wheeler, which can enable a shorter braking distance without having to forego the driving dynamics of a scooter.

The distance between the front wheels was chosen so that the MP3 can be registered as a single-track vehicle or as a multi-track vehicle with minor modifications. In the factory, the RL variants were available from 2006 as a scooter (125 RL, 250 RL and 400 RL) and the LT variant (LT 250, LT 400 and LT 300 YOURBAN) as a multi-lane motor vehicle from 2009. The LT version has in addition to the brake levers a brake pedal that can be used to brake all wheels, differently mounted front indicators and a different front parking light to meet the legal requirements for multi-lane vehicles. Versions with 493 cm³, 330 cm³ and 278 cm³ are currently available.

In the first six months after the market launch, over 10,000 units were sold.

In 2007 the technically largely identical Gilera Fuoco 500ie ( Italian for fire ) was introduced. It had a more powerful engine (40 hp) and looked "sportier". However, the track width of the front wheels was 2 cm too small for approval as a multi-lane motor vehicle.

In autumn 2009, Piaggio introduced the MP3 as the first hybrid motor scooter . Here the 125 cm³ engine is supported by an electric motor integrated into the drive arm. The lithium-ion battery placed in the helmet compartment under the seat bench can be recharged while driving in push mode and separately from a socket. The range is supposed to be up to 60 km per liter of petrol “when the route is covered with two thirds in hybrid mode and one third in electric mode”; the acceleration values ​​should be better than with the normal models.

With the 2015 model year, traction control (ASR) that can be switched off and the 3-channel ABS from Continental were introduced. In addition, the diameter of the front tires has been increased from 12 "to 13".

An electric reverse gear is optionally available with the 2020 model year. This creates 2-3 km / h with a maximum of 18% gradient (15% with a passenger).


Name of the model / version Construction year engine Model code Frame number
MP3 125 E2 2006-2008 M473M NTR4000U01 ZAPM47300 ZAPM47301
MP3 125 IE E3 2008-2009 M631M NTR4000U05 ZAPM63100
MP3 125 IE Hybrid E3 2009 Hybrid M651M NTR8000U01 NTR8000U03 ZAPM65100
MP3 125 IE Touring E3 2011–2012 M631M NTR4000U07 ZAPM63100
MP3 125 IE Yourban ERL E3 2011-2013 M711M NTRM000U01 NTRM000U03 ZAPM71100 ZAPM71101
MP3 250 IE RL E3 2006-2008 M472M NTR5000U01 ZAPM47200 ZAPM47201
MP3 250 IE LT E3 2008-2009 M632M NTRA000U01 ZAPM64100
MP3 250 IE RL MIC E3 2008-2009 M632M NTR5000U05 ZAPM63200
MP3 300 IE LT- Sport E3 2009-2014 M634M NTRC000U01 NTRC000U03 NTRC000U09 ZAPM64102
MP3 300 IE RL MIC E3 2010 M634M NTR9000U01 NTR9000U03 ZAPM63301
MP3 300 IE LT Hybrid E3 2010-2011 Hybrid M652M NTRG000U01 ZAPM72100
MP3 300 IE ERL Hybrid E3 2010-2013 Hybrid M652M NTRH000U01 ZAPM65200
MP3 300 IE RL Touring E3 2011–2012 M634M Australia ETR9000AU2 WVTA NTR9000U04 ZAPM63301
MP3 300 IE LT Touring E3 2011-2013 M634M NTRC000U05 NTRC000U07 ZAPM64102
MP3 300 IE ERL Yourban E3 2011-2015 M712M ETRN000AU1 ETRN000MX1> 2 NTRN000U01> 5 ZAPM71200 ZAPM71 ***
MP3 300 IE LT ERL Yourban E3 2011-2016 M712M NTRP000U01 NTRP000U03 ZAPM75100
MP3 300 IE LT ABS E3 2014-2016 M862M M864M Israel ETRR000IL1 WVTA NTRR000U01> 10 ZAPM86200 ZAPM86202
MP3 300 IE LT ABS E4 2016-2018 TA11M NTRR000U11 NTRR000U13 NTRR000U15 NTRR000U16 ZAPTA1100 ZAPTA19L *
MP3 300 IE LT Yourban E4 2017-2018 TA01M NTRP000U05 NTRP000U06 NTRP000U07 NTRP000U08 ZAPTA0100
MP3 400 IE RL E3 2007-2008 M474M NTR6000U01 ZAPM59100
MP3 400 IE RL MIC E3 2008-2009 M474M NTR6000U03 NTR6000U05 ZAPM59102
MP3 400 IE LT- Sport E3 2008-2010 M474M NTRB000U01 NTRB000U03 ZAPM5910 * ZAPM64200
MP3 400 IE RL Touring E3 2011 M474M NTR6000U06 ZAPM59101
MP3 400 IE LT Touring E3 2011 M474M NTRB000U06 ZAPM64200
MP3 500 IE RL Sport-Business E3 2011–2012 M611M NTRE000U01 NTRE000U03 NTRD000U05 ZAPM59200
MP3 500 IE LT Sport-Business E3 2011-2013 M611M NTRD000U01 NTRD000U03 NTRD000U05 NTRD000U09 ZAPM64300
MP3 500 IE LT Business E3 2014-2016 M861M NTRS000U01 NTRS000U03 NTRS000U09 NTRS000U13 ZAPM86100 ZAPM86101
MP3 500 IE LT Sport E3 2014-2016 M861M NTRS000U05 NTRS000U07 NTRS000U11 NTRS000U15 ZAPM86100 ZAPM86101
MP3 500 IE LT E4 2016-2018 TA12M Israel ETRS000IL4 WVTA NTRS000U17> 23 ZAPTA1200 ZAPTA1201
MP3 500 HPE Sport Advanced 2019– TA15M NTRSXE5U31 ZAPTA1204

Driving license law

Piaggio MP3 with roof and trailer

According to EU Directive 2006/126 / EC , a motorcycle license - class A1 for up to 15 kW or class A for more than 15 kW engine power - has been required to drive the MP3 since January 2013. The multi-lane variant LT has since counted as a car, while the variant RL is treated as a motor scooter, but for reasons of continuity it can also be driven with a class B driving license, provided that the driving license was issued before January 19, 2013.

This regulation was later relaxed for Germany - not the entire EU: Class B, which was acquired on January 19, 2013, now again includes driving three-wheeled vehicles in Germany (code number 194). If the motorbike has an engine output of more than 15 kW, this authorization only applies if the driver's license holder is at least 21 years old. For buyers of class B after December 27, 2016, Section 6 (3a) of the FeV applies.

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