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Illustration of the wheelbase

The wheelbase describes the distance between two axles of a vehicle. An example of this is the distance between the centers of the front and rear wheels of a car . The difference between the center distance and the total length is called the overhang.

A shorter wheelbase results in greater maneuverability of the vehicle and increases the so-called ramp angle , which can have a positive effect on off-road mobility. A longer wheelbase improves straight-line stability. However, the mass distribution of the vehicle under consideration and the caster also play a role here.

When it comes to motorcycles , enduros and super sports bikes have a short wheelbase , tourers a longer one, and choppers a particularly long wheelbase.

When it comes to bicycles , racing bikes usually have a short wheelbase and touring bikes a long wheelbase.

In automotive - followers are from the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations certain technical requirements for brakes and maximum permissible axle loads made for different Achsabstandsmaße each.


Wheelbase (mm) vehicle
1867 Smart Fortwo
1870 Twike
2200 Fiat Cinquecento
2211-2355 Porsche 911
2400-2420 VW Beetle
2550 Nissan 370Z Roadster
2578 VW Golf VI
2650 Ferrari Enzo Ferrari
2881-3001 VW Phaeton
2850-3075 Mercedes-Benz W 126
3000 Motor bogie ICE 2
3035-3165 Mercedes-Benz W 221
3200-3900 Mercedes-Benz W 100
3302 Hummer H1
5600 Standard bus ( VÖV )

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