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Piaggio NRG (Next Racing Generation)
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The data given below refer to the NRG Power DD
Manufacturer Piaggio
Production period from 1994
class Small scooter
Motor data
Air-cooled two-stroke engine
Displacement  (cm³) 50
Power  (kW / PS ) 3.3 / 4.5
Torque  ( N m ) 4.4 at 6000
transmission Stepless automatic
drive Eccentric piston pump
Brakes Front disc brake 220; rear 175
Wheelbase  (mm) 1,790
Dimensions (L × W × H, mm): 1790/750/1170
Seat height (cm) 82 cm
Empty weight  (kg) 103 kg
Previous model Piaggio NRG MC³ DD

The Piaggio NRG is a series of scooters from the Italian brand Piaggio . There are 13 different models of the scooters manufactured since 1994. Most of Piaggio's previous model series, namely the C16, C26 and C36, were produced over a period of two to four years. The current series (C46) has been built since 2005.


  • NRG 50 (SAL1T, 1994–1996) front disc brake 190mm rear drum brake
  • NRG mc² (C04) (1996-1997) front disc brake 190mm rear drum brake
    • NRG mc² DD (C18) (1997-1998) front disc brake 190mm rear disc brake 175mm
    • NRG Extreme LC DD (C22) (1999-2000)
    • NRG Extreme DT (C21) (1999-2000) air-cooled, front disc brake (220mm) and rear drum brake
  • NRG mc³ LC (C32) disc brake front 220mm, rear disc brake 175mm
    • NRG mc³ DT (C21) (air-cooled, front disc brake (220mm) and rear drum brake)
    • NRG mc³ DD (water-cooled, disc brakes)
    • NRG mc³ Purejet (direct injection, disc brakes)
  • NRG Power (C45, since 2005)
    • NRG Power DT (air-cooled, front disc brake and rear drum brake)
    • NRG Power DD (water-cooled, disc brakes)
    • NRG Power Silver
    • NRG Power Purejet (direct injection, disc brakes)
    • NRG Power DD Silver

Equipment / differences

The first NRG was just a small conversion of the TPH at the beginning: There was a new front, large rims and it was cooled with water. Otherwise it was identical to the TPH.

A new rear was installed on the NRG mc², and the water-cooled version from 1998 also got a rear disc brake. In addition, the front was changed a bit. It was made a little wider and got small panes over the headlights. Due to the wider front, the inner cladding was built wider. In the NRG Extreme, there was later also the Hyper-2 block, which guaranteed more power and complied with the new emission limits. In addition, a new frame and a larger tank were installed.

The NRG mc³ was also offered in an injection variant (Purejet) with more power, and the carburetor models also received a larger carburetor with a 17.5 mm diameter from Dell'Orto and a SEBAC fork with a 220 mm brake disc at the front.

Only the optics of the NRG Power have been changed. The technology was adopted unchanged, except for small details such as the digital speedometer and rev counter. In addition, a new frame was installed, which is identical to that of the Gilera Runner except for the interior , the Runner has a strut brace in the center tunnel under the fairing.


Due to the robust motor, the scooter can be tuned very well. Since many parts such as sports exhausts , cylinders and carburettors are available from third-party manufacturers, it is very well represented in the scooter tuning scene in all classes (from street to high-end).

In addition to the NRG, its smaller brother, the ZIP , is also very popular in motorsport, as it is also very light and agile and, above all, has the reliable power of the Hyper-2 block. Most racing teams in the DSSC rely on the Piaggio block, as this has the greatest performance. The Piaggio vehicles are also extremely popular in the EST .


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