Qi (Hebi)

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Qi ( Chinese  淇县 , Pinyin Qí Xiàn ) is a district in Henan Province in the People's Republic of China . It belongs to the administrative area of ​​the district-free city of Hebi . Qi has an area of ​​581 km² and has a population of 260,000. Its main town is the large municipality of Chaoge (朝歌 镇).

The ancient city from the ancient Wey state (Weiguo gucheng 卫国 故城) and the Yunmengshan stone carvings (Yunmengshan moya 云梦 山 摩崖) from the Song Dynasty to the Republican period have been on the list of monuments of the Republic since 2006 People's Republic of China .

Administrative structure

At the community level, the district is made up of three major communities and four communities. These are:

  • Greater community Chaoge朝歌镇
  • Greater community Gaocun高村镇
  • Greater community Beiyang北阳镇

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Coordinates: 35 ° 37 '  N , 114 ° 12'  E