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Checkout area of ​​a supermarket

As Quengelware refers to products in retail are designed in the checkout area, thus mainly due to the Quengelns of children are bought during the presence at the box office but also in the ' snake standing adult to a purchase can move. It is a special form of impulse goods .

The influence of children on parents' purchasing decisions through whining is also referred to in marketing as pester power .

Quengelwaren are often even placed at children's eye level in order to appeal to smaller children in particular.

Typical whiskey products are sweets , for example chewing gum , chocolate bars , sweets or surprise eggs . Quengelware is under discussion , especially because of the increasing number of overweight children.

However, individual supermarkets have now introduced designated “confectionery-free registers” to accommodate parents with whining children when shopping . As a substitute for this whacky product, nuts are now often found in the checkout area.


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