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Róbert Puzsér (born October 24, 1974 in Budapest ) is a Hungarian publicist , presenter , editor and social critic .

Róbert Puzsér


After graduating as a teacher of history and Hungarian literature and language at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, he worked for a year as a history teacher at a middle school. As a culture, media and social critic, he has been a regular guest on television and radio since 2004 and performs several public stage appearances in Budapest's nightlife every week. As a freelance author, he writes articles and essays for numerous portals, newspapers and magazines. He runs the online platform szelsokozep.com with several long-term employees who have become friends , where, among other things, he publishes his own reviews in written and audiovisual form and has them discussed publicly.

In the 2019 local elections in Hungary, he ran for the Állampolgárok a Centrumban Egyesület list for the post of Lord Mayor of Budapest and received 4.46 percent of the votes cast.


  • Gang (MTV, 2004-2005, regular guest)
  • Szélsőközép (Budapest Rádió, 2005–2006, editor and moderator)
  • Demokrácia Rt. (Budapest Rádió, 2005–2006, editor and moderator)
  • Apokalipszis Rt. (Budapest Rádió, 2006–2007, editor and moderator)
  • Well, mi újság? (Budapest TV, 2007–2008, editor and presenter)
  • Lapzárta (Hír TV, 2007-2008, regular guest)
  • Szigorúan Ellenőrzött Mondatok (Echo TV, 2008, editor and presenter)
  • Szélsőközép (RadioCafé, 2008, editor and moderator)
  • A hét mesterlövésze (RadioCafé, 2009–2011, film review - editor and presenter)
  • A hét mesterlövésze (repetition of all programs: Jazzy Radio, since 2013)
  • Csillag Születik (RTL Klub, 2012, jury member)
  • Aranylövés Puzsérral (SportKlub, since 2015, moderator)
  • Önkényes Mérvadó (Jazzy Radio, since 2015, presenter)

Regular stage appearances

  • Reklámtörvényszék (Ötkert, Budapest, 2013, weekly - media review)
  • Sznobjektív (Gozsdu Manó Klub, Budapest, 2012–2014, weekly - cultural criticism)
  • Stand-up Tragedy (taking place in various locations across Budapest, since 2012, social criticism)
  • A Civilizáció Visszavág (Corvin Dumaszínház, Budapest, since 2015, social criticism)
  • Apu azért iszik, mert te sírsz (Mika Tivadar Mulató, Budapest, since 2011, weekly, social criticism and philosophy)


  • Forrás (source, spiritual search for meaning), Scolar Kiadó, 2008, ISBN 9789632440354 .
  • Szélsőközép - a Könyv (Szelsokozep - the book, social criticism), - Konkrét Könyvek - The * Sign Stúdió, 2012, ISBN 9789638966209 .
  • A Hét Mesterlövésze 1 - Az 50 legjobb film (The glorious of the seven days - The 50 best films, film review in dialogue), Scolar Kiadó, 2012, ISBN 9789632443874 .
  • A Hét Mesterlövésze 2 - Az 50 legjobb film (The glorious of the seven days - film review in dialogue), Scolar Kiadó, 2013, ISBN 9789632444543 .
  • A Zsidók Szégyene (Shame of the Jews, a theses drama), Konkrét Koenyvek, 2014, ISBN 9789637424687 .


  • Numerous word combinations originating from Puzsér, such as "szellemi kútmérgezés" (for example: spiritual well poisoning) or "pusztító alpáriság" (for example: devastating obscenity), thanks to Puzsér's peculiar way of speaking, became phraseologisms of the Hungarian language within a short time after their publication.

Individual evidence

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