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Federal district Siberia
Oblast Irkutsk
Rajon Olkhonsky
head Sergei Beleev
population 4009 inhabitants
(as of Oct. 14, 2010)
Height of the center 510  m
Time zone UTC + 8
Telephone code (+7) 39559
Post Code 666130
License Plate 38, 85, 138
OKATO 25 230 804 001
Geographical location
Coordinates 52 ° 48 '  N , 106 ° 24'  E Coordinates: 52 ° 48 '0 "  N , 106 ° 24' 30"  E
Jelanzy (Russia)
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Situation in Russia
Jelanzy (Irkutsk Oblast)
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Location in Irkutsk Oblast

Jelanzy ( Russian Еланцы ) is a village (selo) in Irkutsk Oblast in Russia with 4009 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010).


The place is about 150 km as the crow flies northeast of the Irkutsk Oblast Administrative Center on the southeastern edge of the Baikal Mountains . It is located on the right bank of the Anga , about 12 km from its confluence with Lake Baikal .

Jelanzy is the administrative center of the Rajons Olchonski and seat of the rural community Jelanzynskoje selskoje posselenije. The municipality also includes the ten villages Butuchei (12 km northeast), Chalcha-Usur (9 km northeast), Churai-Nur (4 km east-northeast), Muchor-Bulyk (8 km northeast), Narin-Kunta (4 km south-southwest), Petrowa (7 km south-west), Popowa (9 km south-west), Talowka (18 km south-west), Tonta (11 km north-east) and Tyrgan (6 km south-west), the hamlets (saimka) Borsoi (5 km north-east), Jalga-Usur (7 km east) and Ulan-Nur (22 km northeast) and the section (utschastok) Charchatai (11 km northeast).


In the area, which was mainly inhabited by Buryats until the 20th century, one of two “foreign tribal offices” (inorodcheskaja uprawa) of the then okrug Verkholensk of the Irkutsk governorate was set up in the Jelanzy settlement . On January 9, 1922, the village came to Echirit-Bulagatski aimak ( Buryat name for Rajon; today the Rajon of the same name, based in Ust-Ordynski, a good 100 km to the west ) of the newly formed Mongolian-Buryat Autonomous Oblast, from which the Buryat-Mongolian in 1923 ASSR emerged . On February 11, 1935, Jelanzy became the administrative seat of the outsourced Olchonski aimak. From September 26, 1937, most of the associated areas northwest of Lake Baikal formed the Ust-Ordynsk Buryat Autonomous Okrug, but the Olkhonsky aimak came to Irkutsk Oblast and was referred to as Rajon from 1939.

Population development

year Residents
1939 1051
1959 1910
1970 2616
1979 2808
1989 3362
2002 3762
2010 4009

Note: census data


Jelanzy located on the regional road 25K-003, in the west neighboring Rajonzentrum Bajandai of the 25N-013 Irkutsk - Zhigalovo and further to Khuzir on the belonging to Rayon Baikal island Olchon leads. In the course of the road near the village Sachjurta, 40 km northeast of Jelanzy, a car ferry or, in winter, an ice road crosses the approximately two kilometers of water to the island.

The nearest train station is in Irkutsk on the Trans-Siberian Railway .

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