Rainer Moosbauer

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Rainer Moosbauer (born March 20, 1985 in Linz ) is an Upper Austrian soccer goalie .

He began his football career at SV Gallneukirchen in the Upper Austrian regional league, then moved to the Linz second division LASK . There he spent 3 seasons, where he rose to number 1 in the goal of Linz in the 2004/05 season . Towards the end of the autumn 2004 season, there were rifts with the coach of Linz at the time, Werner Gregoritsch , who preferred the then 47-year-old Klaus Lindenberger .

Thereupon Moosbauer moved to the Upper Austrian Bundesliga club ASKÖ Pasching in winter 2004 and was part of the squad until summer 2006. Due to the solid performance of the Pasching goalkeeper Josef Schicklgruber , Moosbauer did not appear in the Bundesliga in the following year and a half. In the summer of 2006 Moosbauer was awarded by the Bundesliga club Pasching to the Upper Austrian regional league club Union Perg . Since summer 2007 Moosbauer has been playing for the newly founded FC Superfund Pasching again.

Moosbauer was a constant part of his year in the national team area and brought it to 35 youth international matches.