Austrian football championship 2004/05

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Austrian football championship 2004/05
Austrian football championship 2004/05
master SK Rapid Vienna (31)
Shooter king Christian Mayrleb (21)

The games for the Austrian football championship 2004/05 were played in the " T-Mobile Bundesliga", Austria's top division. The second division was sponsored by the Red-Zac-Erste-Liga , including the third division teams in the three regional leagues West, Middle and East for promotion to the first division.

First performance level - Bundesliga


The T-Mobile Bundesliga was contested with 10 teams, each of which met four times during the entire season. The SK Rapid Wien was his 31st for a very exciting championship course Austrian championship celebration. The last title win by the Austrian record champions was previously in 1996 . Last year's champion Grazer AK had to be satisfied with second place this time. The Stiegl Cup which won Vienna Austria with a final victory against Rapid Vienna. The Supercup was not held this time due to scheduling problems at the ÖFB.

The champions Rapid Wien qualified for the Champions League qualification, the next three clubs for the UEFA Cup .

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The SC SC Bregenz was the Senate 5 of the Bundesliga , the license for the 2005/06 season in the First Division denied. As a result, bankruptcy proceedings were opened through the club, as a result of which the traditional club was dissolved. As a catch basin, especially for the youth players, a new club, SC Bregenz , was subsequently founded, which was allowed to join the Vorarlberg League (fifth highest division) immediately with a special permit from the Vorarlberg Football Association.

SV Wüstenrot Salzburg (Austria Salzburg) was renamed Red Bull Salzburg after the takeover of Salzburg Sport AG by the Austrian beverage manufacturer Red Bull .

Closing table

society Games S. U N Gates +/- Points
1. SK Rapid Vienna 36 21st 8th 7th 67:31 36 71
2. Graz AK (M) (C) 36 21st 7th 8th 58:28 30th 70
3. FK Austria Vienna (S) 36 19th 12 5 64:24 40 69
4th ASKÖ Pasching 36 17th 9 10 53:48 5 60
5. SV Mattersburg 36 12 9 15th 48:58 −10 45
6th FC Wacker Tirol (N) 36 11 11 14th 48:48 ± 0 44
7th SK Sturm Graz 36 10 10 16 37:47 −10 40
8th. VfB Admira Wacker Mödling 36 10 8th 18th 36:63 −27 38
9. SV Austria Salzburg 36 9 9 18th 37:51 −14 36
10. SC Black and White Bregenz 36 4th 9 23 30:80 −50 21st
Legend for the Bundesliga
  • Austrian champion
    and participation in the second qualifying round for the 2005/06 UEFA Champions League
  • Participation in the 2nd qualifying round for the UEFA Cup 2005/06
    ÖFB Cup winner 2004/05
  • Participation in the UEFA Intertoto Cup 2005 for the UEFA Cup 2005/06
  • Participation in the second qualifying round for the 2005/06 UEFA Cup
  • Relegation to the first division
  • (M) Austrian champion 2003/04
    (C) ÖFB Cup winner 2003/04
    (S) ÖFB Supercup winner 2004 of the 2003/04 season
    (N) Newcomer of the 2003/04 season

    List of goalscorers

    space player nationality Club Gates
    1. Christian Mayrleb AustriaAustria Austria FC Superfund 21st
    2. Sigurd Rushfeldt NorwayNorway Norway FK Austria Vienna 19th
    3. Mario Bazina CroatiaCroatia Croatia Graz AK 15th
    " Roland Kollmann AustriaAustria Austria Graz AK 15th
    5. Axel Lawarée BelgiumBelgium Belgium SK Rapid Vienna 13

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    The SK Rapid Wien championship team

    (Stakes and goals are given in brackets.)

    SK Rapid Vienna
    SK Rapid Vienna Logo.svg
    1 Florian Sturm (18/1), René Gartler (3 / -) and Eldar Topić (3 / -) left the club during the season.

    Promoted from the Red Zac first division

    SV Ried im Innkreis

    Second performance level - First League


    The first division was contested with 10 teams, each of which met four times during the entire season.

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    Senate 5 of the Bundesliga refused SC Untersiebenbrunn the license for the following season and put the Lower Austrians in the third performance level, the Regionalliga Ost. The officials of the SC Untersiebenbrunn then threatened with the dissolution of the club, because they wanted to keep the club in the first division. When the Bundesliga confirmed their verdict, the SCU was dissolved and a successor club was founded with FC Untersiebenbrunn, which, however, had to start in the lowest division in Lower Austria.

    Even the SV Wörgl was disbarred for the First League. However, the club did not manage to qualify for remaining in the First League either and decided to take over the league place for its own amateurs in the Tyrolean League (fourth stage) instead of competing in the Regionalliga West.

    The first division should be increased to 12 clubs for the 2005/06 season to enable the champions of the three regional leagues to advance without qualification. But since both the Bundesliga club Schwarz-Weiß Bregenz and the second division club SC Untersiebenbrunn were refused the license, the first division played with 10 clubs in the following season.

    Closing table

    society Games S. U N Gates +/- Points
    1. SV Ried im Innkreis 36 24 5 7th 79:38 77
    2. Kapfenberger SV 36 21st 8th 7th 64:37 71
    3. FC Carinthia (A) 36 17th 7th 12 68:41 58
    4th SC Austria Lustenau (R V ) 36 14th 14th 8th 55:43 56
    5. DSV Leoben 36 12 11 13 43:49 47
    6th SCR Altach (R G ) 36 9 14th 13 37:45 41
    7th LASK Linz 36 8th 15th 13 38:64 39
    8th. SC Untersiebenbrunn 36 9 7th 20th 45:66 34
    9. FC Gratkorn (R G ) 36 6th 14th 16 43:58 32
    10. SV Wörgl 36 7th 11 18th 32:63 32
    Legend for the first division
  • Promotion to the Bundesliga
  • Relegation to the regional league
  • (A) Relegated in the 2003/04 season
    (R G ) Winner of the relegation of the 2003/04 season
    (R V ) Loser in relegation for the 2003/04 season

    List of goalscorers

    The most successful goalscorer of the season was Sanel Kuljic , who worked for Ried . With 34 goals, he scored the most goals by a player involved in one of the European second football leagues and thus drew the attention of team boss Hans Krankl to himself. He was followed by Stanko Bubalo from FC Carinthia with 17 goals, Péter Kabát from Carinthia and Marcus Hanikel from SC Untersiebenbrunn with 13 goals each.


    Third level - regional leagues

    Regional League East

    The Regionalliga Ost was played with 16 clubs, with each team meeting each opponent once in both the autumn and spring round.

    Worth knowing
    The amateurs of FK Austria Wien were the first amateur team of a Bundesliga club to advance to the second level. However, the amateur teams are denied a promotion to the T-Mobile Bundesliga.

    The SC Untersiebenbrunn managed the athletic qualification for the next season of the First League, but was relocated to the Regionalliga Ost due to the license withdrawal. The club decided not to compete in the third performance level and stopped playing. Due to the voluntary departure of the Untersiebenbrunners, SV Schwechat was allowed to remain in the Regionalliga Ost.

    This time the clubs DSV Fortuna 05 and SV Rohrbach had to accept the relegation . Fortuna 05 played in the following season in the Vienna City League , SV Rohrbach in the Burgenland League .

    Closing table

    society Games S. U N Gates +/- Points
    1. FK Austria Wien amateurs 30th 21st 5 4th 81:31 68
    2. SC-ESV Parndorf 1919 (R V ) 30th 18th 10 2 69:23 64
    3. First Vienna FC 1894 30th 18th 10 2 59:20 64
    4th ASK Kottingbrunn 30th 17th 7th 6th 61:37 58
    5. Viennese sports club 30th 16 9 5 57:36 57
    6th SKN St. Pölten 30th 16 8th 6th 62:26 56
    7th SC Eisenstadt 30th 17th 5 8th 51:27 56
    8th. FC Waidhofen an der Ybbs 30th 12 6th 12 45:43 42
    9. Kremser SC 30th 11 2 17th 44:44 35
    10. PSV team for Vienna (N) 30th 10 4th 16 46:56 34
    11. SC Ritzing (N) 30th 8th 7th 15th 47:55 31
    12. VfB Admira Wacker Mödling amateurs 30th 8th 7th 15th 39:48 31
    13. SV Würmla (N) 30th 6th 7th 17th 37:75 25th
    14th SV Schwechat 30th 5 6th 19th 24:51 21st
    15th DSV Fortuna 05 Vienna 30th 4th 6th 20th 32:98 18th
    16. SV Rohrbach 30th 1 5 24 20: 104 8th
    Legend for the Regionalliga Ost
  • Promotion to the first division
  • Relegation to the regional league
  • (N) Newcomers of the 2006/07 season
    (R V ) Loser in relegation for the 2003/04 season

    Newcomers from the national leagues:

    Regional league middle

    The Regionalliga Mitte was played with 16 clubs, with each team meeting each opponent once in both the autumn and spring round. For the first time in its club history, SC Schwanenstadt secured the championship title and thus promotion to the First League. The amateurs of FC Kärnten and the promoted Kalsdorf relegated to the respective national leagues.

    Closing table

    society Games S. U N Gates +/- Points
    1. SC Dialog Schwanenstadt 30th 18th 8th 4th 43-26 62
    2. TSV Hartberg 30th 14th 8th 8th 55-33 50
    3. SK St. Magdalena / Pasching Amateure (N) 30th 13 8th 9 57-41 47
    4th ASK Köflach 30th 13 8th 9 42-32 47
    5. SV Spittal an der Drau 30th 12 10 8th 56-44 46
    6th Union St. Florian 30th 12 10 8th 39-27 46
    7th SK Sturm Graz amateurs 30th 13 5 12 49-46 44
    8th. SVG Bleiburg 30th 11 7th 12 37-52 40
    9. SV Feldkirchen (N) 30th 9 11 10 46-55 38
    10. FC Blau-Weiß Linz 30th 8th 13 9 33-32 37
    11. ASK Voitsberg 30th 8th 11 11 39-42 35
    12. FC Wels 30th 10 5 15th 34-42 35
    13. SK St. Andrä 30th 8th 11 11 34-44 35
    14th DSG Union Perg 30th 8th 10 12 31-45 34
    15th FCK-Welzenegg amateurs 30th 8th 7th 15th 30-41 31
    16. SC Kalsdorf (N) 30th 3 12 15th 32-55 21st
    Legend for the Regionalliga Mitte
  • Promotion to the first division
  • Relegation to the regional league
  • (N) Newcomers of the 2003/04 season

    Newcomers from the national leagues:

    Regionalliga West

    FC Hard, leading almost the entire championship over the top of the table, did not apply for a license for the first division at the beginning of the season and should not have been promoted to the next higher division in the event of the championship title. The championship was only decided in the last game of the season between the title contenders FC Hard and FC Kufstein. Kufstein won the game 2: 1 and with the promotion to the 1st league ensured that, contrary to all fears, it could play with at least 10 clubs. ASVÖ FC Puch and Viktoria 62 Bregenz were relegated to the Salzburg League and the Vorarlberg League respectively.

    Things to know
    After Red Bull took over the Bundesliga club SV Austria Salzburg in June 2005, the Salzburg amateurs, who were also Salzburg champions and Salzburg regional cup winners this season, also changed their name to Red Bull Salzburg Amateurs.

    This season, SV Wörgl's amateur team became champions of the Tyrolean League. After renouncing promotion to the regional league, the promotion rights came to the runner-up Innsbrucker SK.

    Closing table

    society Games S. U N Gates +/- Points
    1. FC Kufstein 30th 17th 7th 6th 68:35 58
    2. SV Austria Salzburg amateurs 30th 16 9 5 76:41 57
    3. FC Lustenau 07 30th 17th 6th 7th 54:34 57
    4th FC Hard 30th 18th 2 10 68:52 56
    5. SV Hall 30th 17th 3 10 60:43 54
    6th SVG Reichenau / Aldrans 30th 16 4th 10 56:49 52
    7th FC Blau-Weiß Feldkirch 30th 12 8th 10 46:34 44
    8th. FC Rot-Weiß Rankweil 30th 12 7th 11 64:53 43
    9. SPG Axams / Götzens 30th 11 6th 13 39:39 39
    10. FC Dornbirn 1913 (N) 30th 11 5 14th 45:50 38
    11. VfB Hohenems 30th 10 4th 16 51:52 34
    12. SV Seekirchen 1945 30th 7th 11 12 34:48 32
    13. Innsbrucker SK 30th 9 4th 17th 54:90 31
    14th FC Zell am See (N) 30th 8th 4th 18th 49:70 28
    15th ASVÖ FC Puch 30th 8th 4th 18th 49:81 28
    16. SC Viktoria 62 Bregenz 30th 5 8th 17th 30:72 23
    Legend for the Regionalliga West
  • Promotion to the first division
  • Relegation to the regional league
  • (N) Newcomers of the 2003/04 season

    Newcomers from the national leagues:

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