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Red Bull GmbH
legal form GmbH
founding 1984
Seat Fuschl am See , AustriaAustriaAustria 
management Dietrich Mateschitz
Number of employees 12,239 (end of 2018)
sales 5.5 billion EUR (2018)
Branch Beverage production and distribution, media, sports

The Red Bull GmbH ( English "red bull" ) is an Austrian conglomerate founded in 1984 with headquarters in Fuschl am See . Their best-known product is the energy drink of the same name, Red Bull . The company operates in the business areas of beverages, sports management and media.

Company history

Red Bull corporate headquarters in Fuschl am See

In 1982 , while on a business trip to Thailand, Dietrich Mateschitz became aware of the energy drinks that were very popular in Asia at the time. In 1984, Mateschitz acquired the international license rights to the Thai brand Krating Daeng ( Thai : กระทิง แดง, German "Roter Gaur "; i. W. S. "Roter Stier", Red Bull ) and founded Red Bull GmbH with the Thai entrepreneurial family Yoovidhya, based in Fuschl am See .

In 2014, Brand Finance calculated a brand value of 6.2 billion US dollars for Red Bull. This makes the company the third most valuable beverage brand worldwide, after Coca-Cola (33.7 billion) and Pepsi (19.4 billion).

Ownership structure

Status: March 2020

The shares of Red Bull GmbH are currently held by three shareholders . Dietrich Mateschitz each hold 49% through Distribution & Marketing GmbH and Hong Kong-based TC Agro Agrotrading Company Ltd. owned by the Yoovidhya family. The Thai entrepreneur Chalerm Yoovidhya holds 2% .

Shareholders proportion of
Distribution & Marketing GmbH (owned by Dietrich Mateschitz) 49%
TC Agro Agrotrading Company Ltd. (owned by Yoovidhya family) 49%
Chalerm Yoovidhya 2%

Sales in billions of euros

year sales Development
compared to the
previous year
2004 1.668 billion euros
2005 2.149 billion euros 28.84%
2006 2.600 billion euros 20.99%
2007 3.079 billion euros 18.42%
2008 3.323 billion euros 7.92%
2009 3.268 billion euros −1.66%
2010 3.785 billion euros 15.82%
2011 4.253 billion euros 12.36%
2012 4.930 billion euros 15.91%
2013 5.04 0billion euros 2.23%
2014 5.110 billion euros 1.38%
2015 5.903 billion euros 15.51%
2016 6.029 billion euros 2.13%
2017 5.336 billion euros −11.49%
2018 5.541 billion euros 7.70%

Number of cans sold

year Sold cans
2004 2.0 billion
2005 2.488 billion
2006 3 billion
2007 3.6 billion
2008 4.016 billion
2009 3.921 billion
2010 4.204 billion
2011 4.631 billion
2012 5.226 billion
2013 5.387 billion
2014 5.612 billion
2015 5,957 billion
2016 6.062 billion
2017 6.302 billion
2018 6.800 billion


Marketing concept

Air show sponsored by Red Bull
Red Bull sponsored Audi RS5 DTM by Matthias Ekström in the DTM
Formula 1 racing car from Red Bull Racing (Red Bull RB11)
Formula 1 racing car from Scuderia Toro Rosso (Toro Rosso STR10)
Red Bull Flugtag 2006

Red Bull's marketing budget is hidden in the annual financial statements under “Other operating expenses”. With an impressive amount of 1.4 billion euros, these expenses make up around one third of sales of 3.785 billion euros (as of 2010).

Regional events such as the Red Bull Flugtage as well as national and international extreme sports events such as the Red Bull Dolomitenmann , Red Bull Vertigo , the Red Bull X-Alps , Red Bull Crashed Ice , the Red Bull Air Race World Championship , the Red Bull X-Fighters , the Red Bull Hare Scramble at Erzberg in Styria or the Taurus Awards in Los Angeles under its own name. Red Bull Paper Wings organizes the world's largest paper airplane competitions.

Red Bull also owns a private aerobatic fleet, the Flying Bulls , for which Hangar-7 was built at Salzburg Airport.

Also part of the marketing concept is active participation in various sports with your own teams. Red Bull provides several teams in motorsport , football and ice hockey .

Automobile sport

In Formula 1 from 1995 to 2004, Red Bull was mainly represented as a sponsor of Sauber , but also for a short time by Arrows and Jaguar . Since 2005, the group has had its own Formula 1 team, Red Bull Racing , which emerged from Jaguar Racing, which left the previous year. On November 1, 2005, Red Bull also took over the Formula 1 team Minardi and named it Scuderia Toro Rosso (Italian for red bull racing team ). For the 2020 season, the team will go under the name Scuderia AlphaTauri . However, the focus is clearly on Red Bull Racing, which in the 2010 Formula 1 season was able to win both the constructors 'and drivers' championship titles with Sebastian Vettel for the first time . In 2011 , 2012 and 2013 both titles were successfully defended.

The Formula Una project was also launched in 2005, which is looking for young women who are enthusiastic about motorsport for every racing weekend. The project to set up a motorsport center in Spielberg was initially abandoned after problems with the approval process. However, following agreements, the route was rebuilt and renovated in 2008 and reopened as the Red Bull Ring in 2011 . As the main sponsor of numerous teams and drivers, Red Bull u. a. also represented in the WTCC , DTM , Formula 3 , Formula 3000 and GP2 series . In addition to several rally teams, Red Bull also supports the Citroën Total World Rally Team and the Volkswagen works team in the World Rally Championship . Together with the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM , Red Bull also has several teams under contract in the motorcycle road world championship . From 2006 to 2011 Red Bull sponsored the NASCAR - Red Bull Racing Team .


Red Bull has also been actively involved in football since 2005. On April 6, 2005, the beverage manufacturer took over SV Austria Salzburg and renamed it FC Red Bull Salzburg . Since Red Bull's entry, the club has won the Austrian championship ten times . The main goal, participation in the Champions League , was denied until the 19/20 season. Participation was achieved thanks to Austria's top 11 placement in the UEFA five-year ranking , which means that the champions of the league will have a fixed place in the coming Champions League season. Furthermore, since March 9, 2006, Red Bull has owned the US soccer club MetroStars, which has since been renamed New York Red Bulls . Since 2007, a club in the Brazilian state of São Paulo named to lead Red Bull Brasil and since 2020 also with Red Bull Bragantino a club in the first-class Campeonato Brasileiro Série A Série A . Since June 2009, Red Bull has been involved in the specially founded soccer club RB Leipzig , which, due to the DFB statutes, is not allowed to have the company in the club name. The club was promoted to the Bundesliga in 2016 . In 2012, Red Bull took over USK Anif, renamed it FC Liefering and moved the club to the Liefering district of Salzburg, where the Red Bull Football Academy is located. The club is supposed to function as the farm team of FC Red Bull Salzburg and was promoted to the second highest Austrian league in the first season of its existence , which the amateur team of FC Red Bull Salzburg is prohibited from doing. Between 2008 and 2014, the group owned the Red Bull Soccer Academy West Africa with its own Red Bull Ghana soccer club .

ice Hockey

Red Bull took over the Salzburg ice hockey team back in 2000 and has so far won eight championship titles under the name EC Red Bull Salzburg . In addition, the club has been organizing the Red Bulls Salute , a season-preparatory and international invitation tournament, since 2005 (with an interruption between 2013 and 2017) . From 2010 to 2013 this served as the final tournament of the European Trophy . Since May 2012, Red Bull has also sponsored the ailing EHC Munich and renamed its DEL team to EHC Red Bull Munich . This collaboration initially only ran for one season. EHC Red Bull Munich has officially been part of the Red Bull Group since May 1, 2013. In the 2015/16 to 2017/18 seasons, the Munich team won the German championship three times in a row .

Other sports

Red Bull also sponsors individual athletes such as the skier Lindsey Vonn , the ski jumpers Thomas Morgenstern and Gregor Schlierenzauer or the soccer player Neymar .

extreme sports

However, the group mainly supports extreme athletes in disciplines such as base jumping , paragliding acro , windsurfing , kite surfing , surfing , snowboarding , skateboarding , white water kayaking , mountain biking and freerunning . 600 athletes worldwide are currently under contract with Red Bull.

One of these extreme athletes is the Austrian Felix Baumgartner . On October 14, 2012, as part of the Red Bull Stratos project, he set three world records by jumping from a height of more than 39 kilometers. Baumgartner achieved an estimated speed of 1342 km / h (Mach 1.24) and is the first person to break the sound barrier in free fall. The record jump was broadcast live on the Internet and on TV in many countries, making it a media event .

Red Bull has been paying the event costs since the Wings for Life World Run was first held. 100% of the participants' entry fee can be donated to the Wings for Life Foundation projects.

Other projects

The company also participates in other, non-sport-related events. The company is primarily active in the field of music and dance. Two of the most famous projects in this regard are the Red Bull Music Academy , Red Bull BC One or Red Bull Flying Illusion (breakdance). Another series of events that cause a sensation every year are the Red Bull Flugtage or the Red Bull Soap Box Race (soap box race). In addition, Redbull is also the sponsor of well-known musicians such as RIN .

Overview of investments

Red Bull GmbH is involved in numerous companies around the world, particularly in the field of sports. The following list shows a selection of the most famous participations.

Companies Branch proportion of
AustriaAustria Red Bull Air Race GmbH Air sports 100%
AustriaAustria Red Bull Hangar-7 GmbH Motorsport, air sports 100%
AustriaAustria Red Bull Media House GmbH media 100%
AustriaAustria Terra Mater Factual Studios GmbH watch TV 100%
AustriaAustria The Flying Bulls GmbH Air sports 100%
AustriaAustria UBIMET GmbH Meteorological services 050%
BrazilBrazil Red Bull do Brasil Ltda. Soccer 100%
BrazilBrazil Red Bull Bragantino Soccer 100%
GermanyGermany EHC Red Bull Munich GmbH ice Hockey 100%
GermanyGermany RasenBallsport Leipzig GmbH Soccer 99%
United KingdomUnited Kingdom Red Bull Racing Ltd. formula 1 100%
ItalyItaly Scuderia AlphaTauri SpA formula 1 100%
United StatesUnited States Red Bull New York, Inc. Soccer 100%
AustriaAustria FC Red Bull Salzburg Soccer 100%

Criticism of the marketing concept

A Red Bull marketing strategy is to team up with extreme athletes who set records in daring sports. For many extreme athletes, sponsorship from Red Bull is considered an honor and distinction. Red Bull athletes are repeatedly killed in their actions. The Red Bull base jumper Valeri Rosow jumped from the 6,800 meter high Ama Dablam in the Himalayan region and hit a rock face in 2017 . The stunt pilot Michel Leusch died in 2016 during an air show in China. The motocross rider Eigo Sato , a member of the “Red Bull X-Fighter”, had a serious accident during training in 2013 and later died of his injuries. In 2009, the Swiss Red Bull base jumper Ueli Gegenschatz jumped from the Sunrise Tower in Zurich during an advertising campaign for the company , hit an edge of the base structure, then hit the ground and later succumbed to his injuries. Furthermore, the Red Bull base jumpers Eli Thompson and Shane McConkey, the snowmobile driver Caleb Moore, the motorcycle pilot Toriano Wilson and the stunt pilot Guido Gehrmann were fatally injured.

In April 2008 the product range was expanded to include Red Bull Cola . On May 19, 2009, the sale of Red Bull Cola in Hesse was prohibited by the Hessian Food Inspectorate, as traces of cocaine were detected in Red Bull Cola by the State Institute for Health and Labor of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia . The drink therefore falls under the Narcotics Act . The federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia , Thuringia and Rhineland-Palatinate also followed the ban . However, Red Bull Cola and other foods that contain coca leaf extracts are considered safe and marketable in both the European Union and the United States. After the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment had already rated traces of cocaine as harmless, the sales ban was lifted on August 24, 2009.

Company figures

Brand equity

According to a study from 2008 by the European Brand Institute , the brand value is valued at 12 billion euros, which means 12th place in the list of European top brands. In July 2005 the value of the brand was still 7.96 billion euros, an increase of 21.6% over the previous year.

After the object jumper Ueli Gegenschatz and, just a few weeks earlier, Eli Thompson , another object jumper, had a fatal accident at an advertising event for a Red Bull product while filming a Red Bull promotional film, public criticism of Red Bull's marketing concept was loud. The company responded with a condolence page for the Swiss object jumper. Quote: "We will continue to work with our many athletes and continue to help them to fulfill their dreams and to realize their visions."

The ARD documentary The Dark Side of Red Bull deals with the death of Gegenenschatz and five other extreme athletes who were sponsored by Red Bull.

Red Bull GmbH was brought back into the media focus in 2019 due to a trademark dispute. The youth basketball teams of VfL Oldesloe were threatened with an injunction against the team named "Blue Bulls". The small club, whose youth coat of arms showed a blue bull's head reminiscent of the Chicago Bulls logo, could not afford a legal dispute and had to destroy its own marketing measures worth around 7,000 euros.


Various media companies belong to Red Bull GmbH via the subsidiary Red Bull Media House GmbH , whose managing directors are Dietrich Mateschitz , Gerrit Meier, Dietmar Otti and Christopher Reindl.

Television, online video and weather service

Red Bull has been operating a YouTube channel since September 22, 2006 , which is the most popular channel in Austria today.

Since June 2008, Red Bull TV GmbH has also been operating the mobile television Red Bull TV , which can be received via DVB-H . Servus TV has been on the air since October 1st, 2009 . Servus TV emerged from the local broadcaster SalzburgTV , which was 100 percent taken over in April 2007. Furthermore, Red Bull TV is broadcast via Servus TV every Saturday and Sunday night via a weekly window.

Since 2012, Red Bull has held a 50% stake in UBIMET , the operator of the Austrian Severe Weather Center, the largest private weather service in the country. The weather data is used in the Red Bull Group's media.

The camera manufacturer GoPro and Red Bull announced a multi-year, global partnership in 2016 that includes content production, sales and cross-promotion of the products. They also want to develop the cameras together. As part of the agreement, Red Bull received shares in GoPro. At the same time, GoPro became the exclusive partner for point-of-view shot cameras for all Red Bull media productions and events. The GoPro Channel, Red Bull TV, Red and the in-house media service platform Red Bull Content Pool are to be used cross-media.


The Red Bull Media House GmbH has published the monthly The Red Bulletin since November 2007 . The free lifestyle magazine reports on the company's diverse sponsorship activities. It is enclosed with several Austrian and German daily newspapers. An English version of the magazine is distributed through British and Irish newspapers. The magazine Servus in Stadt & Land has been published by the same publisher since November 2010 , with a widespread circulation according to Austrian Edition Control (ÖAK) 1. HY 2014 of over 163,000 copies since 2011 Austria's best-selling monthly magazine; since March 2012 there is also an edition for Bavaria.

In April 2013, Red Bull took over Ecowin Verlag in Salzburg .

In October 2016 it was announced that Red Bull Media House would discontinue the Seitenblicke magazine and instead focus on the online presence. The print product will appear for the last time on December 7, 2016.


The Red Bull Media House GmbH operates a global network of studios, under the label Red Bull Studios firmieren. Locations are in Amsterdam , Auckland ( New Zealand ), Berlin , Cape Town ( South Africa ), London , Los Angeles ( California , USA ), New York , São Paulo , Tokyo and Paris . There were, among others, Disclosure , Diplo , Lee Scratch Perry , Mike Skinner , ASAP Rocky , Jessie J , Skrillex , TNGHT , Labrinth, AlunaGeorge produced. One focus of the productions is on pop and rap .


Since October 1, 2008, a mobile phone contract has been offered by A1 Telekom Austria under the name Red Bull Mobile . Later, in cooperation with Sunrise Communications, a similar offer was launched in Switzerland under the same name, which was discontinued in February 2012 due to lack of success.


In addition to the well-known energy drink Red Bull (including Sugarfree, Total Zero, Orange Edition, Yellow Edition, Summer Edition (kiwi apple and mandarin), Spring Edition (cherry blossom) and Special Editions (cranberry, blueberry and lime)), Red Bull also produces another Cola drink called Red Bull Cola and water called Red Bull Lunaqua. Red Bull Lunaqua is still spring water bottled in Nüziders ( Vorarlberg ) , which, according to the manufacturer, is only taken when the moon is full .


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