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Flight with a tandem wing parachute

The Air Sports (including sports aviation ) is part of the general aviation and includes all types of sporting activities or aircraft and their acquisition, operation and maintenance.

Air sports disciplines

With aircraft lighter than air

Heavier than air with aircraft

Roll in aircraft tow


As a member of ARISF, the umbrella organization Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) represents the interests of air sports on an international level. It creates guidelines and competition regulations, coordinates international competitions and is responsible for the assessment and recognition of world record attempts.

At the national level, air athletes are often organized through local air sports clubs, which in turn are members of national umbrella organizations. Examples of the latter are the Royal Aero Club in the UK or the Aero Club in Switzerland .

In Germany

In Germany the FAI is represented by the German Aero Club (DAeC). In addition, there are numerous other umbrella organizations that mostly feel responsible for individual sub-areas of air sports:

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