Fédération Aéronautique Internationale

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Fédération Aéronautique Internationale
legal form Volunteer Association
purpose World Air Sports Association
Seat Lausanne , Switzerland
founding October 14, 1905

place Paris , France
president New ZealandNew Zealand Robert Henderson
Website www.fai.org

The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale ( FAI for short ; German  Internationale Aeronautische Vereinigung ) is the international air sport association. It was founded in Paris on October 14, 1905 , and has been based in Lausanne since 1999 .

Activities of the FAI

The FAI is an international, non-governmental organization that does not serve any commercial purposes. The association organizes and coordinates activities in the fields of aviation and space travel worldwide . After constant growth, the FAI is now an organization in which air sports associations from around 100 nations around the world are represented. a. the German Aero Club , the Austrian Aero Club and the Aero Club of Switzerland .

The FAI controls and certifies record brands in the aerospace industry and draws up the regulations for international events organized by the national member associations. For example, it stipulated that an aircraft will reach space when it has reached an altitude of 100 kilometers.

It also promotes new properties, performance standards and safety standards. In January 2016, the FAI ratified the “Braunschweig Charter”, in which the guidelines for the care and maintenance of historical aircraft in flight are set out in an internationally valid manner. The FAI awards medals, diplomas and other prizes, including in sporting competitions (including the Lilienthal Medal , the FAI World Gas Balloon Championship and the FAI World Paragliding Championship ).


  • FAI General Conference
  • Executive Board
  • FAI commissions
  • President and CEO (Officers)
  • office

FAI commissions

The FAI commissions are divided into the Air Sports Commissions and the Technical Commissions. Within the air sports commissions there are sub-committees for different air sports classes. An air sport usually comprises several classes, which differ in terms of the regulations and the aircraft technology.

The task of a commission is to adopt the relevant section of the sporting regulations (Sporting Code) and to ensure the organization of international air sports. The implementation of world and continental championships, world cups as well as the definition of world record and performance requirements is part of the area of ​​responsibility. The older abbreviations of names of the commissions are derived from French. French was the first language until 1987, when it was replaced by English.

Aviation Commissions

  • FAI Air Sport General Commission - CASI
  • CASI (French Commission Aéronautique Sportive Internationale) is responsible for general matters relating to all air sports. In addition to the delegates, the committee includes the chairmen of the other commissions. The CASI is responsible for the “Sporting Code General Section” and other sections (Sections) if no commission exists. The regulations are adopted annually by the FAI General Assembly.
  • FAI Ballooning Commission - CIA
  • The CIA (French Commission Internationale d'Aérostation) is responsible for man-carrying balloon sports with gas and hot air balloons, the air sports equipment must obey the physical principle of " lighter than air ". The Commission is responsible for “Sporting Code Section 1”.
  • FAI General Aviation Commission - GAC (CIAG)
  • GAC (General Aviation Commission), formerly CIAG (French Commission Internationale d'Aviation Generale). The Commission is responsible for “Sporting Code Section 2”.
  • FAI Gliding Commission - IGC

  • FAI Aeromodelling Commission - CIAM
  • CIAM (French Commission Internationale d'Aeromodelisme; English Commission Internationale Aeromodelling) is the largest commission within the FAI because most of the aerial sports practiced in the man-carrying sector are also in the field of model flying. There are 10 subcommittees within CIAM (as of January 1, 2006). The Commission is responsible for “Sporting Code Section 4”.
  • FAI Parachuting Commission - IPC
  • IPC (International Parachuting Commission). The Commission is responsible for “Sporting Code Section 5”.
  • FAI Aerobatic Commission - CIVA
  • CIVA (French: Commission Internationale de Voltige Aerienne) is the FAI commission that is responsible for the organization, rules and implementation of international FAI aerobatic competitions in the field of man-carrying. The CIVA was founded in 1960 on the occasion of the first “World Aerobatic Championship” in Bratislava . The Commission is responsible for “Sporting Code Section 6”.
  • FAI Hang Gliding and Paragliding Commission - CIVL
  • CIVL (French Commission Internationale de Vol Libre). The Commission is responsible for “Sporting Code Section 7”.
  • FAI Astronautic Records Commission - ICARE
  • ICARE (International Commission for Astronautics Records). The Commission is responsible for “Sporting Code Section 8”.
  • FAI Rotorcraft Commission - CIG
  • CIG (French Commission Internationale de Gyraviation). The Commission is responsible for “Sporting Code Section 9”.
  • FAI Microlight Commission - CIMA
  • CIMA (French Commission Internationale de Micro-Aviation). The Commission is responsible for “Sporting Code Section 10”.

Technical commissions

  • FAI Education Commission - EDUC
  • EDUC (French Commission Internationale d'Education Aéronautique et Spatiale).
  • FAI Amateur-Built Aircraft Commission - CIACA
  • CIACA (French: Commission Internationale des Amateurs Constructeurs d'Aéronefs) is the international commission of privately designed aircraft. Their status was changed in autumn 2011 to a "Sport Commission". The CIACA is the association of almost one hundred national organizations whose members are committed to the construction of aircraft (Annex II aircraft).
  • FAI Medico-Physiological Commission - CIMP
  • CIMP (French Commission Internationale Médico-Physiologique).
  • FAI Environmental Commission - EnvC
  • EnvC (English Environmental Commission).

FAI aircraft classes

For competitions and records, the FAI divides aircraft into the following classes:

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