TSV Hartberg

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TSV Hartberg
Club coat of arms of TSV Hartberg
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Surname Hartberg gymnastics and sports club
Seat Hartberg , Styria
founding April 29, 1946
Colours blue White
Members 320
President Brigitte Annerl
ZVR number 932949535
Football company
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Surname TSV Hartberg Spielbetriebs GmbH
Shareholder 100%: association
managing Director Erich Korherr
Website tsv-hartberg-fussball.at
First team
Head coach Markus Schopp
Venue Profertil Arena Hartberg
Places 4,500
league Bundesliga
2019/20 5th place

The gymnastics and sports club Hartberg is a sports club from Hartberg in Styria , whose football department currently plays in the top Austrian division, the Bundesliga . The professional football department is outsourced to TSV Hartberg Spielbetriebs GmbH , of which the club is the sole shareholder.

Other sports in the club include gymnastics , judo , karate , athletics , modern gymnastics , cycling , chess , skiing , squash and table tennis .


Team squad with board and presidium of TSV Hartberg for the season 2009/10
Club logo of the volleyball department

The association was founded on April 29, 1946. After a long time in the Styrian lower classes, the East Styrians finally made it into the Styrian regional league in 1978 under the team sponsor “Sparkasse Hartberg”.

Due to its immense home strength, TSV Hartberg was also considered a cup specialist for a long time, often causing teams to trip up and throw them out of the cup. So in the 1986/1987 season, when they made it to the sixteenth finals of the ÖFB Cup and previously eliminated the Wiener Sport-Club (with Hans Krankl ) 1-0. One season later, in 1987/1988, they became champions in the Styrian regional league for the first time, and won the relegation against the Carinthian champions Wolfsberger AC (0: 6 away and 2: 3 at home) and the Upper Austrian champions SV Ried (1: 0 at home and 7th) : 3 away) the 2nd place, which did not qualify for the ascent.

Another season later, in 1988/1989, TSV Hartberg briefly became known throughout Austria, as the national league team sensationally advanced to the quarter-finals of the ÖFB Cup . On the way there they defeated SV Feldkirchen 2-1 in the second round , the first division SK Austria Klagenfurt 2-1 in the round of 16 and the second division SV Spittal / Drau 2-2 and 8: 7 on penalties in the second round . In the quarter-finals, they were eliminated 3: 3 against first division SV Austria Salzburg - the Hartbergers were already 1: 0, 2: 1 and 3: 2 - and 4: 5 on penalties. In the 1989/1990 season, TSV Hartberg was champion in the Styrian regional league for the second time, but failed again in the promotion games against the meanwhile relegated Wolfsberger AC (0: 2 away and 2: 2 at home) and SV Ried (3: 4 at home and 2: 3 away). The home defeat against SV Ried was the first in more than two years.

After four average seasons in the Styrian regional league (final placements 7th, 3rd, 2nd and 5th) Sparkasse Hartberg became champion of the Styrian regional league for the third time in the 1994/1995 season and thus the team achieved the long-awaited promotion to the meanwhile as third highest division Austria's re-established Regionalliga Mitte . In the same year, the team under Gerald Gamperl sensationally reached the semifinals of the ÖFB Cup, in which they were defeated by DSV Leoben just 0: 1. Also in this cup season, the Hartberger threw out higher rated teams, including the 1st Wiener Neustädter SC (2nd division) in the round of 32 with 3: 2 after extra time, in the round of 16 the SK Vorwärts Steyr (1st division) with 0: 0 and 4: 1 on penalties and in the quarterfinals the FavAC (at that time leader of the 2nd division) with 1: 0.

In the following 1995/1996 season, the Hartbergers achieved the championship title of the Regionalliga Mitte as a climber and thus the march through and direct promotion to the 2nd division , but rose two years later as eleventh - due to a reform of the league and although they actually managed to stay in the league would have - off again. In the 1998/1999 season they were again champions in the Regionalliga Mitte. Since the 2nd division has now been renamed the First League and has been reduced to 10 clubs, you had to play a barrage against the champions of the Regionalliga West, the WSG Swarovski Wattens . In these promotion games, the Hartberger were defeated 0: 2 at home and 2: 3 away and thus remained in the Regionalliga Mitte.

In the 2005/06 season, the team again fixed the championship of the Middle Regional League three game days before the end and, after this league was increased to 12 clubs, managed to get promoted to the first division . The TSV was immediately relegated after only one season and will play again in the Regionalliga Mitte from the 2007/08 season. On the last day of the 2008/09 season, TSV succeeded in returning to the second-rate first division. In 2009/10 the league was for the first time with the ninth place. This was fixed in the 31st round when TSV Hartberg played 1-1 against SCR Altach and First Vienna FC 1894 lost 1-0 to eventual champions FC Wacker Innsbruck . In the 2010/11 season , after victories over SV Seekirchen and SV Sierning , they were promoted to the second round of the Cup in the ÖFB Cup . There you got the SK Rapid Vienna drawn. The Styrians clearly lost this game with 0: 3 goals.

In the 2011/2012 season , the Hartberger under coach Kurt Garger did not get going and only ranked at the bottom of the table. Even a change of coach to Walter Hörmann did not bring the desired success, so that the Styrians finished the championship last. This seemed to seal the relegation to the Regionalliga Mitte. After LASK Linz was refused the license by the Bundesliga, Hartberg got the chance to secure the first league in two relegation games against the Grazer AK . The Hartbergers scored 0-0 away and were already 3-0 in the home game when GAK hooligans stormed the pitch in the 76th minute. With that the relegation was done. The club was more successful in the ÖFB Cup , where it eliminated SK Sturm Graz (4: 2 n. V.) away in the quarter-finals . It was only in the semi-finals that the Hartbergers ended up against the eventual cup winners FC Red Bull Salzburg (0: 1).

The coach Andreas Moriggl, who was only engaged in the summer of 2012 and who succeeded Walter Hörmann, was replaced on October 15, 2012 by the long-time ÖFB junior coach Paul Gludovatz . The Hartberger finished ninth and penultimate place in the 2012/13 season, but saved the relegation because of the license withdrawal of FC Lustenau . Coach Paul Gludovatz left Hartberger after the end of the season and moved to his home in Burgenland.

In the 2013/14 season, the Styrians finished the championship with 8th place and were thus able to secure relegation under coach Bruno Friesenbichler . The preparation for the 2014/15 season was of course more than turbulent: the Bosnian Ivo Istuk was in office for only about a month, who was dismissed on June 17, 2014 with the curious reason that he did not speak German. He was followed by his predecessor Bruno Friesenbichler as the "new" trainer. Jürgen Rindler became the new chairman of the Hartberg soccer club. Then in October the real reason for castling became known. TSV Hartberg had arranged a sponsorship deal that got the club into trouble. Coach Ivo Istuk was also involved in the deal: Instead of originally announced funds from a sponsor from Azerbaijan , Istuk should have brought in funds through massive game manipulation and thus made new signings possible. The Federal Criminal Police Office BKS and the Austrian Bundesliga were notified. Due to the broken sponsorship agreement, the association was missing 200,000 euros in the cash register, for which the public purse had to advance money. However, Hartberg has to repay the sum mentioned, namely by canceling the state subsidies (instead of the previous 100,000 euros per year, only 60,000 euros for the next five years).

TSV Hartberg finished last in the 2014/15 season and had to relegate to the regional league.

In 2016/17 you could become champion of the Regionalliga Mitte and thus rise again to the second highest league. In the 2017/18 season they reached second place in the first division, which entitles them to promotion to the Bundesliga . However, the club was denied promotion in the first two instances. The club went to the Permanent Neutral Arbitration Court against the decision, through which the Hartbergers received their license on May 29, 2018 and thus rose to the Bundesliga for the first time.

Club management

  • President: Brigitte Annerl
  • Chairman: Erich Korherr
  • Deputy Chairman: Alois Hütter

Combat team

Coaching team

As of April 28, 2021

function Surname Date of birth nationality with the club
Last club
Trainer Markus Schopp 02/22/1974 AustriaAustria 07/2018 Co-trainer SKN St. Pölten
Assistant coach Alexander Contra 11/27/1984 AustriaAustria 07/2019 AKA Sturm Graz
Assistant coach Kurt Russ 11/23/1964 AustriaAustria 08/2020 Coach Kapfenberger SV
Goalkeeper coach Zoltan Varga 08/19/1977 HungaryHungary 07/2013 UPS Hartberg area

Current squad

As of February 7, 2021

Surname Date of birth nationality with the club
Last club
01 René Swete 06/01/1990 AustriaAustria 01/2017 without a club (previously SV Grödig )
21 Florian Faist 04/10/1989 AustriaAustria 07/2014 SV Anger
35 Raphael Sallinger December 8, 1995 AustriaAustria 07/2018 Wolfsberger AC
44 Maximilian Pusswald 03/07/2002 AustriaAustria 08/2020 TSV Hartberg II
04th Michael Huber 01/14/1990 AustriaAustria 07/2018 SKN St. Pölten
05 Manfred Gollner 12/22/1990 AustriaAustria 08/2020 Wolfsberger AC
06th Andreas Lienhart 01/28/1986 AustriaAustria 07/2019 SCR Altach
14th Christian Klem 04/21/1991 AustriaAustria 07/2019 FC Wacker Innsbruck
23 Tobias Kainz 10/31/1992 AustriaAustria 07/2018 Kapfenberger SV
31 Thomas Rotter 01/27/1992 AustriaAustria 07/2011 TSV Hartberg II
32 Felix Luckeneder 03/21/1994 AustriaAustria 07/2019 LASK
39 Stefan Gölles 04/10/1991 AustriaAustria 08/2020 Wolfsberger AC
07th Julius Ertlthaler 04/25/1997 AustriaAustria 08/2020 SV Mattersburg
08th Samson Tijani 05/17/2002 NigeriaNigeria 08/2020 FC Red Bull Salzburg (loan)
10 Stefan Rakowitz 04/03/1990 AustriaAustria 07/2019 FC Wacker Innsbruck
11 Matija Horvat 05/07/1999 CroatiaCroatia 01/2021 Kapfenberger SV
17th Abdoul Yoda December 20, 2000 Burkina FasoBurkina Faso 09/2020 USFA Ouagadougou
27 Lukas Ried 10/10/1995 AustriaAustria 07/2019 TSV Hartberg II
28 Jürgen Heil 04/04/1997 AustriaAustria 07/2015 SV Anger
29 Sascha Horvath 08/22/1996 AustriaAustria 10/2020 Dynamo Dresden
37 Michael John Lema 09/13/1999 AustriaAustria 01/2020 SK Sturm Graz (loan)
42 Bakary Nimaga 12/06/1994 MaliMali 07/2019 Hatayspor
Florian Flecker October 29, 1995 AustriaAustria 02/2021 Wurzburger Kickers
09 Rajko Rep 06/20/1990 SloveniaSlovenia 07/2018 LASK
18th Philipp Sturm 02/23/1999 AustriaAustria 08/2020 Chemnitzer FC
20th Marc Andre Schmerböck 04/01/1994 AustriaAustria 01/2021 Wolfsberger AC
24 Dario Tadić 05/11/1990 AustriaAustria 07/2015 SC Austria Lustenau
34 Emmanuel Igbonekwu 01/16/2002 NigeriaNigeria 11/2020 TSV Hartberg II
45 Seifedin Chabbi 07/04/1993 AustriaAustria 10/2020 without a club (previously Gaziantep FK )


As of February 7, 2021

Additions: Departures:
Summer 2020
Winter 2020/21

Second team

TSV Hartberg II
Surname TSV Hartberg II
Venue GREMSL parquet GPT stadium Eggendorf
Places nB
Head coach Christoph Schweiger
league Oberliga Süd
2019/20 3rd place (canceled)

The amateurs of TSV Hartberg compete in a syndicate with FSC Eggendorf , another club from Hartberg, as FSC Eggendorf / Hartberg amateurs in the fifth highest division, the Oberliga . The team's greatest success was promotion to the national league in 2008, in which, however, they were last in the 2008/09 season and thus directly relegated back to the major league. For the 2020/21 season, TSV also registered a third team, which will compete in the lowest division, 1st class , as TSV Hartberg U19 II .



The home games of TSV Hartberg take place in the Profertil Arena Hartberg , which was expanded in 2006 and is commissioned for 4500 visitors.

Volleyball section

On January 25, 1985, the volleyball section was founded at TSV Hartberg , whose first women's and men's teams play in the top division in Austria. On June 8, 2000, the section was spun off into its own club, TSV Hartberg Volleyball , by a board resolution.

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