SC Austria Lustenau

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Austria Lustenau
Basic data
Surname SC Austria Lustenau
Seat Lustenau , Vorarlberg
founding June 1914
Colours Green white
president Bernd Bösch (spokesman for the board)
First soccer team
Head coach Alexander Kiene
Venue Planet Pure Stadium
Places 8800
league 2nd league
2019/20 11th place

The SC Austria Lustenau is an Austrian football club from Lustenau in Vorarlberg . He plays in the 2nd division , but was represented in the Austrian Bundesliga from 1997/98 to 1999/2000 . The former ice hockey section of the club split off from the parent club as EHC Lustenau in 1970 and currently (2017) plays in the Alps Hockey League .


FA Turnerbund Lustenau (1914–1936)

The club was founded in 1914 as the football department of the Turnerbund Lustenau and accordingly called itself FA Turnerbund Lustenau . The foundation came about at the request of later Honorary President Albert Keckeis at the general meeting in June 1914 in the Gasthof "Freihof". The first board member was Oskar Hämmerle, the founding team consisted of the players Friedrich Fetz, Alois Nagel, Robert Vogel, Albert Keckeis, Hermann Riedmann, Oskar Hämmerle (Biklis), Anton Ziganek, Oskar Hämmerle (Schlossers), Johann Vogel, Gebhard Bösch, Max Hämmerle and Gebhard Sperger together. In the early years, the game was played on the so-called Löwenplatz in the Rhine foreland near the Oberfahrbrücke. Since there was still no football association in Vorarlberg, only friendly matches could be played back then. During the First World War , gaming operations had to be suspended for four years. In 1919 a general meeting decided to reactivate the association.
On June 4, 1920, the Vorarlberg Football Association was brought into being, so that an orderly championship operation could now begin. In 1921, the FA Turnerbund Lustenau moved to the new sports field called Blumenauplatz. In 1930 the first major success came when he won the title as West Master. By participating in the games of the Bodensee-Vorarlberg district, the Lustenau residents were also able to compete with German and Swiss clubs in the neighborhood.

The first successes

As the national champion of Vorarlberg, the FA Turnerbund Lustenau was eligible to compete in the amateur state championship in the 1929/30 season . The Lustenau team met SK Austria Klagenfurt in the first round , which they defeated 1-0 away after losing the home game 2-1. This made a play-off necessary, which the footballers of the Turnerbund won 4-2 at home. In the second round they met Innsbruck AC . In Tyrol the Lustenau team only achieved a 2: 2, but in the second leg in Lustenau the IAC was dealt 4: 1. Lustenau was in the final and could dream of winning the first title in the club's history. The final opponent, the Kremser SC , however, proved to be overpowering in Lustenau and dealt with the Lustenau 7-2. After a sensational increase, the FA Turnerbund won 3: 1 in Krems , but missed the championship title with a total score of 5: 8. In the final of the Vorarlberger Landespokal , the "Turner" lost both 1933 against FC Dornbirn in 1913 with 1: 5 and in 1935 against local rivals FC Lustenau 07 with 2: 4.

Conversion into an independent sports club in 1936

After the aim was to separate the football department from the gymnastics association after the First World War, this became a reality in 1936. The football department broke away from the parent club and transformed into an independent sports club with several sections as SC Austria Lustenau .
The club colors were determined with green and white . In 1936 Austria celebrated their first win of the Vorarlberg State Cup with a 6-2 win against Garrisons-SpVgg Bregenz. After the " annexation of Austria " to the German Reich , SC Austria Lustenau fell victim to official dissolution. After the end of the war , the club was reactivated with a game against a French crew selection. Austria played in the Vorarlberger Landesliga, the Arlbergliga, and later in the Regionalliga West.
In 1949 and 1951 against FC Dornbirn 1913 (3: 0) and FC Blau-Weiß Feldkirch (3: 2), the Lustenau team won the Vorarlberg Cup for the second and third time. After losing the 1952 final to FC Dornbirn in 1913 (0-2), Austria won their last cup win in 1958 with a 1-0 win over Dornbirn. The last final game in 1959 went 4-1 to FC Dornbirn 1913. Austria Lustenau won the state cup four times in a total of eight finals. In August 1965, SC Austria Lustenau and FC Dornbirn 1913 founded the SVg Lustenau / Dornbirn syndicate. This lasted only one season and played in the regional league in 1965/66.

Promotion and professional football since 1994

In the 1993/94 season , Austria Lustenau celebrated the greatest success in the club's history with the title of the Regionalliga West and the associated promotion to the 2nd division of the Bundesliga. The team from Vorarlberg was able to assert itself in the second division right away and won the championship title in the 1996/97 season .
This made Austria Lustenau, the fourth club from Vorarlberg , first class in the club's history. Austria Lustenau finished the first as well as the second season in the then Bundesliga in penultimate place. In the 1999/2000 season Austria rose again from the Bundesliga with only 19 points from 36 games.

Due to a new foreigner regulation in the first division, the team then had to be completely rebuilt and only finished fifth in 2000/01 . In the 2001/02 season , SC Austria Lustenau missed promotion to the Bundesliga by only two points with a 2-1 defeat in the last game of the season against SC Untersiebenbrunn and finished second behind SV Pasching .

In the following seasons, Austria was able to hold its own in the top third of the table, setting a record in the First League with a series of 42 home games without defeat under coach Andreas Heraf .

In spring 2009, Edmund Stöhr took over the team in 12th place in the table in his third era. In the last ten games of the season and a series of seven wins and three draws, Austria moved up to fourth place. In the 2009/10 season , the SC Austria Lustenau finished fifth, the year after the third and in the 2011/12 season fourth in the First League .

ÖFB-Cup 2010/2011 - as the first club from Vorarlberg in the final

After a 4-0 away win at FK Austria Wien in the quarter-finals and a 2-1 away win at Bundesliga club Kapfenberger SV , SC Austria Lustenau under coach Edmund Stöhr made it into the 2010/2011 ÖFB Cup finals. Austria Lustenau was the first club from Vorarlberg to reach the cup final. The final against SV Ried was then lost 2-0.


Fans of Austria Lustenau at the 2011 Cup final

With the rise to professional football, a new, very active fan scene was created in Lustenau.

In 1997 the first official fan club "Wir Vorarlberger" was founded. In 1998 the “Commando Fanatics 98” fan group was added. In 2002 the group "BEST of WEST" was created, which in 2005 was renamed "Grün Weisse Garde 05". In 2004, another fan group called "Green Nation Lustenau 04" was created. Since the 2006/07 season, the three younger fan clubs - "Fanatics", "Green White Guard" and "Green Nation" - have been united under the name "Union Nord 06".
The Austria fan clubs "Wir Vorarlberger", "Union Nord 06", "Anti-Heros" and "Lustenau Devils 06" as well as "Nordfront" have already supported their association with numerous activities, fan round tables, fan trips, pyrotechnics and choreographies .


The home ground of Austria Lustenau, the Planet Pure Stadium , was officially opened in 1951 and expanded with the first grandstand in 1952/53. After being promoted to the 1st Bundesliga in 1997, what was then known as the “Reichshofstadion” stadium was renovated and expanded, and in 2000, turf heating was added.

The stadium offers 8,800 spectators, with 2,300 covered standing and 2,200 seats. The “Austria-Dorf”, which received the marketing prize of the Austrian Bundesliga, is also located on the stadium grounds. A further seating area on the east side of the stadium has been planned for a long time, but it will probably only be realized after a return to the Bundesliga.


Drawing of the main sponsor

Since the main sponsor at the time (an internet betting provider) ceased its involvement with SC Austria Lustenau after the 2008/2009 season, the club had to look for new donors, which was particularly difficult due to the economic crisis . Therefore, the association decided to break new ground. On June 12, 2009 it was announced that a total of 555 advertising vouchers of 1000 euros each will be issued. A winner will be drawn from these vouchers, which guarantee the buyer any sponsorship worth 1000 euros, who will be the official main sponsor of SC Austria Lustenau during the season. This involves placing his logo on the jersey, on the interview wall and on advertising spaces in the stadium. This action was repeated in 2010 and 2011. When determining the main sponsor, the winners so far were: Tischler Rohstoff (Hohenems) and Holzbau Stephan Muxel (Au).

The campaign received media attention in the entire German-speaking area. In addition to the Austrian print and online media and the ORF , German web portals such as Spiegel Online and reported on the raffle.

The main sponsor of Austria was the Mohrenbrauerei August Huber in Dornbirn until January 2018 . Since February 2018 Planet Pure , a Hörbranz company founded by Silvio Perpmer , which is committed to the development and production of ecological detergents and cleaning agents, has been the main sponsor.

Combat team

Coaching team

As of August 2, 2020

function Surname Date of birth nationality with the club
Last club
Trainer Alexander Kiene 12/30/1977 GermanyGermany 08/2020 VfB Oldenburg
Assistant coach Tamás Tiefenbach December 25, 1972 HungaryHungary 07/2019 SV Ried
Goalkeeping coach Mathias Nesler 01/06/1988 AustriaAustria 07/2016 SK Bürs

Current squad

As of August 27, 2020

Surname Date of birth nationality with the club
Last club
27 Domenik Schierl 07/20/1994 AustriaAustria 07/2019 SC Wiener Neustadt
98 Florian Eres 06/05/1998 AustriaAustria 01/2020 VfB Hohenems
04th Tobias Berger 11/02/2001 AustriaAustria 01/2020 FC Liefering
05 Dominik Štumberger 04/17/1999 CroatiaCroatia 07/2019 FC Liefering
22nd Bojan Avramović 09/17/1997 SerbiaSerbia 02/2020 without a club (previously Wolfsberger AC )
24 Sebastian Feyrer 04/03/1997 AustriaAustria 07/2019 Kapfenberger SV
29 Michael Lageder 04/24/1991 AustriaAustria 07/2019 FC Juniors Upper Austria
Dragan Marceta 03.03.2000 AustriaAustria 04/2018 SC Austria Lustenau II
Fabian Gmeiner 01/27/1997 AustriaAustria 08/2020 Sports fanatic Lotte
Till Cissokho 02/08/2000 FranceFrance 08/2020 Clermont Foot (loan)
Matthias Maak 05/12/1992 AustriaAustria 08/2020 SCR Altach
10 Daniel Steinwender 05/11/1998 AustriaAustria 01/2020 SK Austria Klagenfurt
14th Alexander Ranacher 11/20/1998 AustriaAustria 07/2018 Wolfsberger AC II
16 Christoph Friday 01/21/1990 AustriaAustria 07/2019 FC Wacker Innsbruck
20th Wallace 06/23/1998 BrazilBrazil 02/2020 CS Maruinense
21st Mirco Basic 08/12/2001 GermanyGermany 07/2019 SC Austria Lustenau II
23 Pius Grabher 08/11/1993 AustriaAustria 07/2019 SV Ried
25th Hüdaverdi Mutlu 07/16/2001 AustriaAustria 07/2019 AKA Vorarlberg
Nicolai Boesch 05/19/1998 AustriaAustria 05/2017 SC Austria Lustenau II
Blankson Anoff 03/24/2001 GhanaGhana 08/2020 Clermont Foot (loan)
Brandon Baiye 12/27/2000 BelgiumBelgium 08/2020 Clermont Foot (loan)
08th Patrik Eler 06/13/1991 SloveniaSlovenia 07/2019 AS Nancy
33 Daniel Tiefenbach 08/10/1999 HungaryHungary 03/2017 SC Austria Lustenau II
55 Thomas Mayer 08/23/1995 AustriaAustria 07/2019 FC Red Bull Salzburg


As of August 27, 2020

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Summer 2020

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Former trainers

titles and achievements

Second team

Austria Lustenau's second team has been playing in the Vorarlberg elite league since the 2019/20 season .

Women's soccer

SC Austria Lustenau played in the Regionalliga West in the 2002/03 season and was relegated to the regional league after the season. Only again in 2010 did a Lustenau club, this time FC Lustenau, qualify for the 2nd division middle / west. For the 2012/13 season , the clubs FC Lustenau and SC Austria Lustenau decided to found a syndicate that only affected the women's team. With the next season , FC Höchst joined the community. But the syndicate of the three clubs ended in 2015 and was relegated to the state league. The syndicate was continued by SC Austria Lustenau and FC Höchst in the 2016/17 season. After this season, the syndicate and the women's section at both clubs were dissolved and the players switched to Sportclub Hohenweiler 72, FC Alberschwende, SC Schwarz-Weiß Bregenz, FC Kennelbach, FC Schlins or FC Dornbirn 1913.

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