SK Forward Steyr

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SK Forward Steyr
The club logo of the SK Vorwärts Steyr
Basic data
Surname Sports club forward Steyr
Seat Steyr , Upper Austria
founding April 14, 1919
Colours Red White
president Reinhard Schlager
First soccer team
Head coach Wilhelm Wahlmüller
Venue Forward stadium
Places 6,000
league 2nd league
2019/20 7th place

The SK Vorwärts Steyr is a traditional Austrian football club from the city of Steyr in Upper Austria . The club has played in the 2nd division since the 2018/19 season .

Vorwärts Steyr plays its home games in the club's own Vorwärts Stadium in Steyr, which has a capacity of 6,000 people. Vorwärts Steyr currently has around 300 members. The club is one of the oldest football clubs in Upper Austria.


The early period 1919–1945

The club was founded as the Steyr football club Vorwärts with the club colors red and white, the official founding ceremony was held on April 14, 1919 in the Casino Steyr. The names Würzelhuber, Breinesberger, Binder, Grubinger, F. Dworaschak, K. Dworaschak, Huber, Praitenlachner, Weißengruber and Winzing are still known today from the founding members. Vorwärts Steyr played his first game on June 15, 1919 in Linz against the Linz Athletic Sports Club Siegfried (result 2: 2). In the first year of its existence, the SK Vorwärts won the title in the Upper Austrian regional league ; After all, there was no national league at the time. In the following three years until 1923, this title went to Vorwärts Steyr. As a result of the increasing political radicalization during the first republic, the "Association of Workers 'Footballers Austria" (VAFÖ) was founded in 1926, which SK Vorwärts joined as a workers' association and which also organized its own championship and cup competition in Upper Austria. Vorwärts played a very good role in VAFÖ Upper Austria and was able to win the cup in 1932. Since other important Upper Austrian clubs of this time, such as LASK, Welser SC and later also the local rival Amateure Steyr in general Upper Austria. Football Association continued to play, the VAFÖ league was neither particularly attractive nor of great sporting importance. As a result of the civil war in February 1934, the VAFÖ and its associations were dissolved by the Austro-fascist regime. So also the SK Vorwärts, which was expropriated, had to give up its self-built sports field to the local rival amateurs and was only accepted again in May 1934 as "Österreichischer Sportklub Steyr" in the general Upper Austrian Association and divided into 1st class East. This could immediately be finished as champions, which resulted in the return to the highest Upper Austrian league. From the summer of 1935, today's Vorwärtsplatz became the new venue and you were allowed to compete again under the old name "SK Vorwärts". The first national cup victory followed in 1938, followed by the Oberdonau championship title in 1940. In the spring of 1944, Amateure Steyr joined the SK Vorwärts, because at the end of the war there was no longer enough player material available, and the "Steyr Football Community" was established. The FG Steyr won the Upper Danube Championship in 1944 and existed until the end of 1944.

A new beginning, dry spell and heyday 1945–1998

The first state league title after the end of the war went back to SK Vorwärts in 1945/46 and after the team had presented itself as by far the best club in the state, especially in the game year 1948/49, the club was also noticed outside of Upper Austria. The entry into the federal state cup final in 1949 played a major role, but it was lost in Vienna against FK Austria Wien with 2: 5; this represents one of the club's greatest successes to this day. Because of these successes, it was made possible for SK Vorwärts in 1949 to participate in the newly founded, Austria-wide State League A, the then top Austrian football league.

After a ninth place in 1950 and relegation in 1951, SK Vorwärts belonged to the second division (then State League B) until 1959, but the club spent all of the sixties and seventies in the Middle Regional League and the Upper Austrian Regional League . This twenty-year dry spell could be ended in 1979 when they managed to return to the second highest division (then 2nd division ). From 1982 forward was able to establish itself permanently in the second division and in 1988 after 37 years, the promotion to the highest Austrian league, the 1st division , where the club was to remain until 1996.

The club achieved its best placement in the 1990/91 and 1991/92 seasons with seventh place in the table. In 1995, the SKV took part in the UI Cup, won the group stage without defeat (2-1 away win against Eintracht Frankfurt ) and missed the UEFA Cup qualification only through an away defeat against Racing Strasbourg . After the remarkable performance in the Intertoto Cup , SK Vorwärts finished last in the 1995/96 Bundesliga season with only six points and no victory and was relegated to the 2nd division . After they only just failed to get promoted again in the following season as second, they rose again to the top division in 1997/98 as champions of the second Bundesliga.

Financial crash and compulsory compensation 1998–2001

Overview stadium

As early as 1995 the association was deeply in debt with approx. 15 million schillings, so that a rescue operation in the form of a guarantee from the city of Steyr was required. In 1998 the looming disaster of a license withdrawal could just be averted. With the bitter 2-0 defeat against LASK Linz on May 29, 1999, which sealed the relegation from the Bundesliga, the apparently inevitable occurred: player salaries could only be paid out hesitantly, so that some of the Bundesliga players at that time gave the club without further ado Turned their backs. With chants, the forward fans demanded the resignation of the then presidents Alois Radlspäck and Leo Dittrich, whereby Radlspäck complied with this request on September 25, 1999. Dittrich, on the other hand, was able to avert an ultimatum from the remaining players by paying 170,000 schillings and was confirmed as president on November 20, 1999 at the general meeting of the SK Vorwärts due to a lack of alternatives. At this point in time a sum of more than 50 million schillings was rumored in debt.

Finally, on January 11, 2000, the club's license was finally withdrawn, whereby the game was stopped. The bankruptcy proceedings were opened with an application for compulsory settlement. In the compulsory settlement statute on February 15, 2000, 36 million of the total debt was recognized, while another 18 remained controversial. In order to avert the final end of the association, the Raiffeisenbank Sierning was given the right to build a 4000 square meter part of the forward stadium, for which the city of Steyr was released from liability for a loan of 9 million schillings. This right to build certain parts of the forward stadium is still in the hands of the Raiffeisenbank. The SK Vorwärts could thus continue to exist under club law, but the game of the fighting team was suspended from January 2000 until the restart in the lowest amateur class in August 2001.

New beginning in the lower house from 2001

After the successful compulsory settlement procedure, SK Vorwärts Steyr accepted relegation and a new start in the 2nd class East (eighth division in Austria). Nevertheless, the club is still a real fan magnet in the lower leagues of Upper Austria and thus makes it into the headlines of the media again and again. One attendance record followed the next: while in 2003 there were 1,000 viewers in the playoff of the 8th league against Großraming, in 2005 5,000 fans made the pilgrimage to the championship final of the 7th division against ASK St. Valentin. In 2007, with 7,000 fans in the fifth division game against Weißkirchen, the number of spectators was once again as it was in Bundesliga times. Along with the flourishing of the Steyr fan culture, the club also rose as a sport by successfully leaving three leagues behind within just under six years (from 2000 to 2006): In 2003, Vorwärts became champion in the 2nd class East, in 2005 in the 1 Class East and 2006 in the District League East. The seasons 06/07, 07/08 and 08/09 played the club in the Upper Austrian regional league east (fifth division), but where they just missed the championship title in 2007 and 2008 both times as runner-up. In 2008 Harald Ruckendorfer was signed for one season. In the summer of 2009 they were finally promoted to the fourth highest division, the Upper Austria League .

2010–2015: Cup successes and regional league

On June 3, 2010 they secured another title with a 3-0 victory over SV Gmunden in the final of the Upper Austrian State Cup. This title included the right to take part in the ÖFB-Cup 2010/11 , in which the team of coach Edi Glieder started a considerable run of success. In the first two rounds, SK Vorwärts knocked out the two second division teams SKN St. Pölten and WAC , before being knocked out in the round of 16 against Bundesliga club SK Sturm Graz by a 0-1 in the 114th minute. At this game, the forward stadium was once again sold out with 7,000 spectators. At the end of the 2010/11 season, Vorwärts also celebrated their first promotion to the Middle Regional League, which they had to say goodbye to after only one year and a disappointing 14th place.

The return to the regional league succeeded only a year later under coach Adam Kensy with the "Upper Austrian Double", consisting of the championship title in the Upper Austrian League and the Upper Austrian State Cup. The first season after returning to the Regionalliga Mitte was again mixed. After persistently poor performance, coach Adam Kensy had to leave and was replaced by Helmut Kraft . With a series of five wins in the last few games, he was able to save Vorwärts from relegation and led the team into the middle of the table.

In the 2014/15 season, the club strengthened itself with a number of prominent newcomers, including former Bundesliga professionals Thomas Krammer and Rade Djokic . In terms of sport, things went up steeply this year. The SK Vorwärts finished the season as second in the Regionalliga Mitte, which meant the greatest success since the restart. Nevertheless, the season was overshadowed by turbulence within the club. After the surprising "amicable separation" from Helmut Kraft after only seven match days, long-time President Jörg Rigger threw in the towel in January 2015 . While Rigger justified the move with "a lack of support for my visions", the club's financial problems may also have played a role. In the spring of 2015, the club could not set up the necessary budget to apply for a Bundesliga license and argued with the now ex-president Rigger about allegedly outstanding payments.

Return to professional football

The 2015/16 season represented a turning point in the recent history of the club in many ways: After the previous Vice President Christian Köck took over the office of the resigned Jörg Rigger, Köck decided to retire after only a few months. In March 2016, a new board was elected with the regional entrepreneur Reinhard Schlager as president. In terms of sport, the SK Vorwärts went into the new season with a significantly slimmed-down squad and the new coach Gerald Scheiblehner . Under the new leadership, the club is pursuing the strategy of attracting the best players from the Steyr region as well as young talents from all over Upper Austria for SK Vorwärts.

This new strategy should bear fruit, the SK Vorwärts Steyr was able to consolidate both economically and athletically in the following years. In the 2017/18 season, promotion to the 2nd division was fixed on the 29th matchday and thus, after 18 years, the return to Austrian professional football.

The first season after promotion was not very successful for Steyr and the team took last place. Due to the approval withdrawal for the first Wiener Neustadt SC (2008) , the Bundesliga relegation of FC Wacker Innsbruck (and the associated relegation whose second team) and the fact that no club in the Regionalliga West , the approval for the second league received had, there was no athletic relegation and Steyr was able to keep the class. The second season in the second division went much better for Steyr. In the meantime, the team occupied third place in the table and ended the season in 7th place.

League ( hierarchy ) space S. U N +/- Pt.
2001/02 2nd class east (VIII) 002 15th 05 02 +53 050
2002/03 2nd class east (VIII) 001 16 04th 02 +47 052
2003/04 1st class east (VII) 006th 08th 05 09 0+3 029
2004/05 1st class east (VII) 001 21st 04th 01 +66 067
2005/06 District League East (VI) 001 17th 06th 03 +46 057
2006/07 2nd Regional League East (V) 002 17th 04th 05 +34 055
2007/08 2nd Regional League East (V) 002 14th 08th 04th +25 050
2008/09 2nd Regional League East (V) 001 16 06th 04th +25 054
2009/10 Radio Upper Austria League (IV) 005 12 06th 08th +16 042
2010/11 Radio Upper Austria League (IV) 001 15th 10 01 +35 055
2011/12 Regional League Middle (III) 014th 06th 09 15th −22 027
2012/13 Radio Upper Austria League (IV) 001 17th 02 06th +17 053
2013/14 Regional League Middle (III) 012 11 04th 15th +16 037
2014/15 Regional League Middle (III) 002 18th 05 07th +16 059
2015/16 Regional League Middle (III) 012 09 07th 14th −13 034
2016/17 Regional League Middle (III) 006th 12 08th 10 0+7 044
2017/18 Regional League Middle (III) 003 17th 04th 09 +32 055
2018/19 2nd division (Austria) (II) 16 5 6th 19th −36 21st
2019/20 2nd division (Austria) (II) 7th 11 8th 11 +6 41
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Combat team

Coaching team

As of July 1, 2019

function Surname Date of birth nationality with the club
Last club
Trainer Wilhelm Wahlmüller 01/05/1967 AustriaAustria 04/2019 ASK St. Valentin
Assistant coach Andreas Milot January 16, 1970 AustriaAustria 07/2019 SK Forward Steyr
Goalkeeping coach Markus Bogenreiter 05.10.1977 AustriaAustria 07/2019 ASK St. Valentin

Current squad

As of August 25, 2020

Surname Date of birth nationality with the club
Last club
01 Bernhard Staudinger 11/02/1993 AustriaAustria 07/2014 UPS Ortisei
13 Benedict Tober 05/13/2002 AustriaAustria 08/2020 SKU Amstetten (loan)
30th Valerian Huettner 01/23/2001 AustriaAustria 08/2020 FK Austria Wien II (loan)
06th Alem Pašić 03/23/1997 AustriaAustria 07/2018 SV Sierning
11 Sascha Fahrngruber 05/14/1989 AustriaAustria 07/2019 SKU Amstetten
17th Alberto Prada 01/19/1989 SpainSpain 07/2019 SC Wiener Neustadt
20th Nicolas Wimmer 03/15/1995 AustriaAustria 07/2016 ASKÖ Danube Linz
31 Michael Halbartschlager 09/04/1992 AustriaAustria 07/2015 SV Grün-Weiß Micheldorf
33 Aleksandar Maric 11/07/1999 AustriaAustria 06/2020 SK Forward Steyr II
77 Michael Martic 12/16/2000 AustriaAustria 11/2019 SK Forward Steyr II
07th Michael Drga 02/04/1995 AustriaAustria 08/2020 SKU Amstetten
08th Rahman Jawadi 01/10/1999 AustriaAustria 02/2020 FC Wacker Innsbruck
10 David González 05/05/1997 SpainSpain 08/2020 Silla CF
12 Patrick Bilic 05/27/1999 AustriaAustria 01/2017 SK Forward Steyr II
14th Bojan Mustecic 11/04/1994 SerbiaSerbia 08/2018 ASKÖ Oedt
19th Josip Martinović 07/23/1989 CroatiaCroatia 07/2015 NK Slavonija Požega
22nd Kevin Brandstätter 01/08/1996 AustriaAustria 07/2019 ASKÖ Oedt
23 Thomas Himmelfreundpointner 12/22/1987 AustriaAustria 07/2015 Union St. Florian
26th Pascal Hofstätter 09/09/1998 AustriaAustria 07/2019 ATSV Stadl-Paura
47 Philipp Ablinger 11/11/2001 AustriaAustria 08/2020 FC Blau-Weiß Linz (loan)
21st Robin Mayr folds 01/09/2001 SwedenSweden 03/2019 SK Forward Steyr II
34 Orhan Vojic 01/20/1997 AustriaAustria 08/2020 without a club (previously Shamrock Rovers )


As of August 25, 2020

Access: Departures:
Summer 2020

Known players

The best-known player at SK Vorwärts Steyr was the Ukrainian (formerly Russian ) football legend Oleg Blochin , who was awarded the Ballon d'Or in 1975 as European Footballer of the Year. In 1988 Blochin, then 35 years old, received sensational permission from the USSR central government in Moscow to move to Vorwärts in Western Europe. Blochin played 41 games in Steyr and scored nine goals.

In the 1992/93 season, the Czech international Ivo Knoflíček played with the red and whites. In the course of the club's history, other well-known kickers such as the former Austrian national players Željko Vuković , Tomislav Kocijan , Peter Stöger , Johann Kogler , Alexander Manninger , Daniel Madlener , Walter Waldhör , Andreas Heraf , Manfred Linzmaier , Richard Niederbacher and Christoph Westerthaler played in Steyr.

Daniel Madlener and Walter Waldhör were the players who were called up to the national team during their time as forward players ; The latter scored a goal on his debut (May 19, 1992: Austria-Poland 2-4). Ivo Knoflíček was also called up as an active forward player in the Czech team in 1992. The two future Bosnian internationals Elvir Rahimić and Kenan Hasagić also played for Vorwärts Steyr in the nineties.

Well-known trainers

The later Austrian and Croatian team boss Otto Barić worked as a trainer at the club from 1988 to 1992 . In the 2007/08 season Kurt Russ , a 28-time national player, acted as a coach; under him, however, the club was not successful, so that he was dismissed on March 17, 2008 after violent fan protests. Former Schalke legionnaire and Austrian national team player Edi Glieder trained SK Vorwärts from 2010 to 2012.


SK Vorwärts Steyr versus FC Red Bull Salzburg (Cup first round) 26.jpg

SK Vorwärts Steyr is known throughout Austria mainly because of its past and, after very disappointing audience numbers, formed a large fan scene again during the decline. The active fans stand on the south stand of the forward stadium at home games of the SKV. Forward is also often accompanied by many fans at away games, and at important games it is not uncommon for over 1000 red and white people to make the pilgrimage to the opposing stadium. The largest fan club Südchaos-Steyr was founded in 2009 and is considered an ultra group . A south stand fanzine will also be published, which is named Bengal, Bier and Bosna .


  • 12 first division seasons : 1950–1951, 1988–1996, 1999
  • Austrian cup finalist : 1949
  • 13 × Upper Austrian regional champion: 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1946, 1949, 1955, 1970, 1975, 1979, 1982, 2011, 2013
  • 2 × Master Upper Danube: 1940, 1944
  • 5 × Upper Austrian regional cup winners: 1938, 1949, 1982, 2010, 2013
  • 2 × Tschammer Cup winners Upper Danube: 1942, 1943
  • Cup winner VAFÖ Upper Austria 1932
  • Master first class east 1935
  • Champion 2nd Division 1998
  • Participation in Mitropacup 1991
  • UI Cup participation: 1995

Since the new beginning:

  • 2003: Master 2nd class East Upper Austria
  • 2005: Master 1st class East Upper Austria
  • 2006: Champion District League East Upper Austria
  • 2009: Champion 2. Landesliga Ost OÖ
  • 2011 and 2013: Champion in the Upper Austria League


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