SV Spittal / Drau

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SV Spittal
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Basic data
Surname SV Spittal an der Drau
Seat Spittal an der Drau
founding 1921
First soccer team
Head coach Rudolf Schönherr
Venue Goldeck Stadium
Places approx. 6,500
league Regional league middle
2019/20 10th place (canceled, Carinthian League )

The SV Spittal / Drau is a football club from the city of Spittal in Carinthia and currently plays in the Regionalliga Mitte , the third-highest division in Austria.

Club history

The club, founded in 1921, rose to the Tauern League - the forerunner of today's Regional League - in 1949, rose again after a year and rose again in 1955/56. In the 1956/57 season , the Spittaler rose again from this. After 1958/59 Spittal even had to relegate to the lower league, but the promotion succeeded immediately. From 1960 the club was able to establish itself permanently in the Carinthian League. It wasn't until the beginning of the 1980s that things should go up again. Already in 1980 and 1981 the Spittal champions were in the top Carinthian league, but failed in the play-off for the 2nd division, in the season 1981/82 it should finally work.

The upward trend was to continue, after a 7th place in the 2nd division 1982/83 followed in 1984, in only the second year of membership in the league, the promotion to the Bundesliga . This was reduced in the 1984/85 season from 16 teams to 12, so that five teams had to relegate. Spittal had a chance of staying up until the penultimate matchday, but in the end it wasn't enough and so the first and so far only season in Austria's top division ended in 13th place.

The direct resurgence in 1986 was missed by 2 points - the Spittalers should not come so close to the Bundesliga promotion for a long time. In the following years, the team was more of a regular guest in the relegation round of the 2nd division, although there was usually no real risk of relegation. Only in the 1990/91 season had to be worried about staying in the class for a long time, and in 1991/92 relegation was only secured on the penultimate match day after a long fight. In the next few years, however, there was a further upward trend, when in 1993 the promotion and relegation round was replaced by the "normal" league system, SV Spittal also went uphill again. In the 1993/94 season they finished 5th, a year later 4th, and after an intermediate low in the 95/96 season, Spittal was fourth again at the end of the 96/97 season .

The 1997/98 season ended Spittal second in the 2nd division, which the club had twice bad luck. On the one hand, this was the first time that the runner-up no longer had the right to a play-off with the Bundesliga penultimate, and on the other hand, Vorwärts Steyr , second division champions of that season, received the Bundesliga license only in the third instance, with the condition of three minuses. SV Spittal took the decision to grant Steyr a license at all, before a civil court, was right and, not without fierce resistance from the Bundesliga clubs, insisted that the Bundesliga should be increased in their favor. In the end, the Bundesliga put Spittal in the 2nd division and reimbursed the club with financial compensation - so it practically "bought" itself free.

But instead of being able to intervene again in the promotion battle in 1998/99, Spittal played a bad season, graced the bottom of the table for much of the year, was penultimate in the end and, to make matters worse, also failed in the relegation play-off at SC Untersiebenbrunn - with 1: 1 and 0: 0 because of the away goal rule. In the following years in the regional league, the picture was always the same: A strong autumn was followed by a weak spring, so that SV Spittal slipped further back year after year. The low point was marked by the 2003/04 season , when the class was only secured thanks to fortunate circumstances (withdrawal of other teams, TuS SC Arnfels , BSV Juniors Villach , formerly BSV Bad Bleiberg ). But they recovered quickly from this horror season, and in the 2005/06 season they scratched their way up again, but in the end they did not succeed.

In the 2006/07 season, with a young team (average age 22 years) everything looked like a year in deep relegation battle, but with a great second half of the season they still reached the respectable 6th place. In the 2007/08 season, Spittal started again very poorly and fought for a long time against relegation and enormous financial bottlenecks. In the end, however, they managed to stay up with exactly 30 points from 30 games. In the 2008/2009 season Spittal was relegated to the Carinthian League. Already in the previous years, Spittal got into the relegation battle from the start in the 2014/15 season. On October 15, 2014, the team was in last place, the former player Mario Brenter (born October 28, 1962) was appointed a new coach, the previous coach as the sports director. Only in the final round (June 12, 2015) could the relegation to the lower league, which one had only belonged 55 years ago, be prevented. It took a draw in the direct duel away from FC Alpe Adria (formerly FC St. Veit / Glan), another traditional club. Spittal won 2-0 and pushed St. Veiter into the lower league.

But a tradition continues: SV Spittal is considered a talent factory that some well-known players have already gone through. For example:

Other well-known players at Spittal were (among others) Werner Bürgler, Angelo Devescovi, Arnold Freissegger, Branko Oblak, Heinz Singerl, Edmond Tomic, Milan Troselj, Günter Unterguggenberger and Kurt Welzl.

Combat team

Coaching team

As of August 29, 2020

function Surname Date of birth nationality with the club
Last club
Trainer Rudolf Schönherr 05/01/1976 AustriaAustria 01/2017 ASKÖ Gmünd
Assistant coach Arno Krall 1975 AustriaAustria 07/2018 Youth coach
Goalkeeping coach Fritz Unterköfler 01/21/1973 AustriaAustria 07/2019

Current squad

As of August 29, 2020

01 AustriaAustria Paul Mayerhofer
01 AustriaAustria Lukas Krall
80 AustriaAustria Aric Haimburger
04th SloveniaSlovenia Adnan Hajdarevič
05 Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina Edis Sehic
07th Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina Naid Dautović
26th AustriaAustria Marc Ortner
32 AustriaAustria Dominik Pichelkastner
03 AustriaAustria Nico Stranner
07th AustriaAustria Rashidi Udikaluka
08th AustriaAustria Florian Pingist
10 AustriaAustria Daniel Mair
11 Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina Dejan Kečanović
12 AustriaAustria Felix Hutter
13 AustriaAustria Philipp Clementschitsch
16 AustriaAustria Elias Rainer
23 AustriaAustria Fabio Revelant
29 CroatiaCroatia Ivica Ban
09 AustriaAustria Michael Oberwinkler
17th AustriaAustria Amir Hadzic
22nd AustriaAustria Emanuel Salcher
72 SloveniaSlovenia Erwin Tiganj

Women's soccer

The Spittalerinnen played in the 2nd division middle in 2001/02 , became champions of the 2nd division in 2002/03 , and renounced promotion to the Bundesliga women. In 2009 the team had to relegate from the 2nd level to the national league. In the 2014/15 season , the women were relegated to promotion to the 2nd East / South league. Against the UDFC Hof bei Straden there was a 3-0 defeat in the away game and a 4-1 home win and were not eligible for promotion. For the next season, 2014/15, in the Carinthian women's league, the section founded a syndicate with SV Rothenthurn. After this season, the women's division was dissolved and the players switched to ASKÖ Dellach, Carinthians Spittal or FC Nassfeld Hermagor. From the 2017/18 season a cooperation with the Carinthians Soccer Women was established and the Carinthians has been playing under the name Carinthians Spittal ever since.

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