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Rajinder Singh (born September 20, 1946 in Delhi , India ) is an Indian mystic , meditation teacher and the current head of the organization Science of Spirituality . In this position he replaced his father Darshan Singh, who died in 1989 . His disciples call him Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj .


Rajinder Singh was born in India into a dynasty of mystics. Already his grandfather Kirpal Singh (1894–1974) is considered an important spiritual master of Sant Mat , whose work Rajinder's father Darshan Singh (1921–1989) continued. His mother was the trained singer Harbhajan Kaur. Rajinder Singh is married and has two children.

Rajinder received his spiritual training at a young age from his grandfather and father. The grandfather also ordered Rajinder to study electrical engineering until 1967 at Madras, then at the Illinois Institute of Technology , where he received the Special Fellowship and graduated in 1970. He then worked as an electrical engineer for a telecommunications company. At the same time he was already active spiritually. In 1972 he accompanied his grandfather on his third trip around the world.

After his father founded the Science of Spirituality organization in 1978, he became a board member of the organization in America. Together with the representative for the Midwest, Olga Donenberg , he undertook his first lecture tours. For his father he planned four world trips, which he also accompanied in Europe and North and South America. As a representative of the organization, he worked a. a. participated in the inauguration of the Kirpal Asharm in 1977, in Darshan Singh's Kashmir trip in 1981 and in the 15th Conference on Human Unity in 1988. At the 1988 conference he gave a high-profile speech in which he described communications technology as the key to networking the peoples of the world.

Darshan Singh appointed the son as his "only spiritual successor" in his will of November 17, 1987, and died in May 1989. When Rajinder took over the leadership of the Science of Spirituality Organization, it had more than 550 centers in 40 countries. Since 1989, many other meditation centers have been set up around the world under his leadership, in which meditation on light and sound is taught.

He has written several books that have been translated into many languages ​​and hundreds of articles on spiritual subjects. From him come u. a. the books Healing Meditation , The Wisdom of the Awakened Soul, and Spiritual Longing . He is the editor of the book Meditation - Medicine for the Soul , which brings together the experiences of various medical professionals on the subject of meditation.

Rajinder Singh emphasizes the fundamental unity of all religions and the importance of prayer and meditation as the basis for inner and outer peace. In meditation the student leaves his body in the utmost concentration and concentration of all forces in order to meet his master in the astral world. The master leads to the liberation of the soul from five passions: lust (sexuality), desire, anger, attachment (to the material etc.) and ego.

Rajinder Sing is a Sant Mat guru, so to speak. Religious practice is not recommended for people with mental illness. The religious and practical requirements are not insignificant for initiated students, but correspondingly deep experiences are possible. The Satguru Rajinder Singh opens the "third eye" (between the eyebrows, where the seat of the soul is located) during initiation and shares the mantras that are helpful for deeper meditation. Without the master, who takes his place as soul guide in the “third eye” at the initiation and takes over part of the karma of his disciples, the highest goal can just as little be achieved. B. in Christianity, cf. John 14.6, King James Version: Jesus said to him: I am the way and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except through me.


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