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Noise stands for:

Places in East Prussia:


  • Gerhard Rauschen (1854–1917), German theologian, church historian and patrologist

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  • Image noise , for example in digital photography
  • Heat noise (also background noise ), noise as a result of the thermal movement of charge carriers
  • 1 / f noise ( pink noise ), noise that decreases with increasing frequency
  • 1 / f² noise ( red or brown noise ), noise with an amplitude curve that is inversely proportional to the square of the frequency
  • White noise , mathematical model to describe random fluctuations
  • Flicker noise , form of electronic noise when electrons are emitted
  • Shot noise , form of noise when an electric current has to overcome a potential barrier
  • Electricity noise , noise that occurs when the electric current flows
  • Comfort noise , artificial noise as an indicator of an existing telephone connection