Tschaikino (Kaliningrad, Pravdinsk)

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Tschaikino / Noise
Federal district Northwest Russia
Oblast Kaliningrad
Rajon Pravdinsk
Earlier names Roglacken (until 1616),
Rauschen (until 1950)
population 22 inhabitants
(as of Oct. 14, 2010)
Time zone UTC + 2
License Plate 39, 91
OKATO 27 233 802 021
Geographical location
Coordinates 54 ° 21 '  N , 21 ° 20'  E Coordinates: 54 ° 21 '10 "  N , 21 ° 20' 10"  E
Tschaikino (Kaliningrad, Prawdinsk) (European Russia)
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Location in the western part of Russia
Tschaikino (Kaliningrad, Pravdinsk) (Kaliningrad Oblast)
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Location in Kaliningrad Oblast

Tschaikino ( Russian Чайкино , German noise ) is a place in the Russian Kaliningrad Oblast (region Königsberg (Prussia) ) and belongs to Gorodskoje posselenije Schelesnodoroschnoje (township Schelesnodoroschny (Gerdauen) ) in Pravdinsky District (county Friedland (East Prussia.) ).

Geographical location

Tschaikino on the east bank of the river Omet (Russian: Stogowka) is one kilometer southwest of the former district town of Schelesnodoroschny (Gerdauen) and two kilometers north of the state border between Russia and Poland and can be reached via a spur road from Schelesnodoroschny. Until 2001 there was a rail connection via the Schelesnodoroschny station on the Toruń – Tschernjachowsk (Thorn – Insterburg) line , which is no longer in operation on the Russian section.


The place formerly called Rauschen - not to be confused with the seaside resort of the same name and today called Svetlogorsk in Russian on the Curonian Lagoon - was probably founded under the name Roglacken during the time of the order . After Ernst von Schlieben in 1616, after a first freehold estate, he also acquired the second estate from Andreas Rauschen and made the land a Vorwerk , the place was then called Rauschen .

Under Konrad Heinrich August Achilles (1799–1882), Rauschen became an independent estate . In 1874, the Rauschen manor district was one of the ten communal units that formed the newly established district of Schloss Gerdauen. The late Classicist manor house was built in 1865, and Horst Achilles was to be the last owner before 1945 .

On March 12, 1908, Rauschen ceded 0.6 hectares of its municipal area to Gerdauen to build a gas plant. In 1910 72 people lived here. After 18 years, Rauschen gave up its independence on September 30, 1928 and was incorporated into the municipality of Gerdauen. Until 1945 the village belonged to the district of Gerdauen in the administrative district of Königsberg in the Prussian province of East Prussia .

As a result of World War II , Rauschen, like all of northern East Prussia, came to the Soviet Union and was renamed Tchaikino in 1950 after the Soviet partisan Yelisaveta Ivanovna Tchaikina . Until 2009, the place was incorporated within the since 1991/92 Russian Oblast Kaliningrad in the Wischnjowski Soviet (Dorfsowjet Wischnjowoje (Altendorf) ) and was then - due to a structural and administrative reform - classified as a "settlement" (Russian: possjolok) place in the Gorodskoje posselenije Schelesnodoroschnoje (municipality of Schelesnodoroschny (Gerdauen) ) integrated.


Before 1945, a predominantly Protestant population lived in Rauschen . The place was in the parish of Gerdauen (Russian: Schelesnodoroschny) parish, which belonged to the church district of the same name within the church province of East Prussia of the Church of the Old Prussian Union .

Today Tschaikino is in the catchment area of ​​the Resurrection Church parish in Kaliningrad (Königsberg) within the Kaliningrad provost of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of European Russia (ELKER).


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