Real Lexicon of Byzantine Studies

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The Reallexikon der Byzantinistik is an unfinished reference work on Byzantinistik that appeared from 1968 to 1976.

The Reallexikon edited by Peter Wirth was published by Verlag Adolf M. Hakkert in Amsterdam. It was designed as a comprehensive reference work on the Byzantine Empire from 356 to the conquest of Constantinople in 1453, which at the end of the project should comprise around fifty volumes. In fact, only six fascicles have appeared with which the first volume could be concluded. Scientists involved in the project included Ottorino Bertolini , Walter Berschin , Veselin Beševliev . Werner Ohnsorge and Roberto Cessi .

The discontinuation of the project was probably based on the too broad thematic orientation, later lexicon projects on Byzantine Studies such as the Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium were therefore designed to be much shorter.

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