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Veselin Ivanov Beševliev (also written Wesselin Ivanov Beschewliew , Bulgarian Веселин Иванов Бешевлиев ; * February 24, 1900 in Sofia , † October 9, 1992 ibid) was a Bulgarian classical philologist .

Veselin Beševliev studied Classical Philology , Slavic and Indo-European Studies , first from 1919 to 1920 at the University of Sofia , from 1920 to 1925 then Classical Philology at the Universities of Halle , Jena and Würzburg , where in 1925 he wrote a critique of previous views on the use of the imperative and the Optative in Greek Prayer . On his return to Bulgaria he taught classical philology at the University of Sofia (1925 assistant, 1929 lecturer, 1933 professor). In parallel, he headed the Epigraphy Department of the National Archaeological Institute (1958–1964) and the Ethnogenesis of the Balkan Peoples working group of the Institute for Balkan Studies of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (1964–1972).

He was particularly concerned with epigraphy and topics of late antiquity , Byzantine studies , Balkan studies and the reception of antiquity in Bulgaria.

Since 1941 he was a corresponding member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences . From 1970 to 1992 he was a member of the Church Fathers Commission of the Berlin Academy of Sciences . In 1972 he received the Herder Prize . In 1974 he became a corresponding member of the Saxon Academy of Sciences .

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