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The Herder Prize was a cultural prize from the Alfred Toepfer Foundation FVS. It was awarded between 1963 and 2006.

The forerunner of the Herder Prize was the Johann Gottfried von Herder Prize awarded from 1935 by the Alfred Toepfers Foundation FVS .

The Herder Prize, named after Johann Gottfried Herder , honors up to seven personalities from Eastern and Southeastern Europe who have made an exemplary contribution to the preservation and enhancement of European cultural heritage. The creative achievement in the field of arts and humanities was essential. The prize was awarded at the University of Vienna .

Each individual prize was endowed with 15,000 euros. Associated with him was a scholarship that enabled a young talent proposed by the award winner to spend a year studying at a university in Vienna.

The Herder Prize was last awarded in 2006.

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