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The term Reclaim the Streets (too German about Holt you back up the road ) refers to a form of action with the overall objective of the Community appropriation of public space .


It has been described as a resistance movement against globalization , which is driven by companies, also as a form of opposition to the car as the most common means of transport that determines urban planning and the use of public space. Carnival- like festivals are often held.

In the work No Logo by Naomi Klein street recapture in detail.


On June 18, 1999, on the eve of the G8 summit in Cologne in 1999 , RTS organized the largest demonstration to date in Cologne : 10,000 demonstrators blocked banks and bridges in the city center.

The Berliner Tanzguerilla is a group that regularly dances in public spaces, just like the Tanzguerilla Hannover, which was founded in 2006 based on the Berlin model.

As part of the so-called critical mass , a few dozen to several tens of thousands of cyclists drive together through the streets in large cities around the world in order to assert their claim to part of the street space. In many cities, these trips take place regularly once a month. The Budapest Critical Mass, the largest in the world, has up to 80,000 participants.

Reclaim-the-Streets parties are sometimes accompanied by attacks on property, such as B. in Zurich on February 6, 2010 or December 12, 2014; in Bern on May 25, 2013; in Winterthur on September 21, 2013

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