Road Rovers

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Television series
Original title Road Rovers
Country of production United States
original language English
year 1996
length 30 minutes
Episodes 13
genre Action series , comedy
idea Tom Ruegger
production Bob Doucette , Tom Ruegger
First broadcast September 2, 1996 - February 2, 1997 on Kids' WB

Road Rovers is a cartoon - television series from Warner Brothers .


The heroes of the series are the Road Rovers , the dogs of several heads of state. Through a machine, the Transdogmafier , they can assume humanoid form and gain superpowers to fight crime.




  • Captain Zachary Storm
  • General Parvo
  • Emma ( The Groomer ), General Parvo's assistant


Each episode is 30 minutes long. Road Rovers first aired on Kids' WB in the US . Later broadcasts by Junior and K-Toon followed .

Road Rovers was translated from English into German, Portuguese and Spanish . In Germany, ProSieben broadcasted Road Rovers - Die Megahunde several times in the children's program.


role English speaker German speaker
lightning Jeff Bennett
Colleen Tress MacNeille
Vanya Kevin Michael Richardson
General Parvo Jim Cummings
Hunter Jess Harnell
Hannibal Frank Welker
Tell Frank Welker Klaus Lochthove
Emma Sheena Easton
master Joe Campanella

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