Rainwater retention basin in the Marzahn-Hellersdorf district

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1. Alfred-Döblin-Strasse (top left)
2. Dahlwitzer Strasse (top right)
3. Paul-Schwenk-Strasse (bottom left)
4. Trusetaler Strasse (bottom right)

The rainwater retention basin in Marzahn-Hellersdorf are rainwater retention basin in (RHB) Berlin Marzahn-Hellersdorf , which in rainfall clarify especially from sealed surfaces and dissipate. These rain retention basins are not naturally formed bodies of water, but technical structures.

Rainwater retention basin


In the northwest of Marzahn between the Märkische Allee and the Marzahn Bürgerpark ( ) is the rain retention basin, which is mostly dry. There are oaks, linden, maple and poplar trees and the basin is covered with tread grass. It has a brick inlet at the western tip. There is a walking path around the rain retention basin and a small staircase leads into the basin on the east side.


The rain retention basin is located north of Cecilienstraße ( ) and was created as a shallow basin in the early 1980s as part of the new Hellersdorf housing estate. It gets a little deeper from north to south. The Wuhle flows nearby . The water surface has completely disappeared under the overgrown reed grass. The pool is left to develop naturally and can thus develop naturally and undisturbed. It is also part of the ecologically very important section of the Wuhletal between Eisenacher Straße, Cecilienstraße, Kienberg and Hellersdorfer Straße. Endangered plant species grow there and there are endangered animal species.

Dahlwitzer Strasse

The rain retention basin Dahlwitzer Straße ( ) is located east of Hellersdorf and borders a large allotment garden to the west. A fence has been erected around the pool and the water is triangular. Various woody plants such as elder, hazelnut, maple, birch and willow have settled in the northern area of ​​the basin. In addition, the giant hogweed grow there in the western area of ​​the basin and there are protected animal species such as the green toad , the sand lizard , many insects and reptiles.

Hellersdorfer Weg

In 1999, a rainwater retention basin Hellersdorfer Weg ( ) was created for drainage in the Wolfener Straße industrial park . It is so big that it can also absorb rainwater from other commercial areas. The pool is enclosed by a fence and it is overgrown with grass. The rainwater is discharged into the small river Neue Wuhle .

Hohensaatener Strasse

The rainwater retention basin is located east of Blumberger Damm at the intersection of Hohensaatener Straße ( ) and is around 120 meters long and 50 meters wide. It is surrounded by willows, linden trees and elderberry bushes. The pool drops down to 4 meters in two steps. The rainwater inlet is to the northwest and the ditch is mostly dry.


The rain retention basin is on the edge of Paul-Schwenk-Strasse ( ). It has a size of approximately 150 × 80 meters and is covered with green meadow. In addition, the drainage shaft is around 1 meter wide and runs across the area. There are scattered willows, maples, poplars and hazelnuts around the rainwater retention basin. Some of these have already settled in the basin. A promenade goes past the pool.

Trusetaler Strasse

The rainwater retention basin is dry and encircled by the tram tracks. It is bounded by Wuhletalstrasse in the north and Trusetaler Strasse in the south and west. ( ) There is access via the tram tracks to the southwest of the rainwater retention basin. There is a paved descent to the pool. It is surrounded by strong trees and shrubs. The slope of the basin is relatively flat and you can see the inlet and outlet pipes.

Wiesenburger way

The rain retention basin is located on the Knorr-Bremse site ( ). On the east side are two walled inlets and outlets. The water in the basin is extremely low, there are reeds around 4 to 5 meters high on the steep embankment and various birch, willow species and robinia are scattered along the embankment.


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