Reich farewell

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As Recess , also Empire recess called the totality of on is the Reichstag of the Holy Roman Empire deliberated and adopted provisions referred that the emperor had to read at the end.

By 1654 , the Reichstag began - in addition to ceremonial acts - with the reading of the imperial proposition , the agenda set in advance by the emperor, and they ended with the reading and certification of the resolutions, the imperial farewell .

The last of these imperial farewells is referred to as the last imperial farewell ( Latin recessus imperii novissimus ) and contained the deliberations from the years 1653/54 of the Diet of Regensburg.

Since the Perpetual Reichstag has not been formally terminated since 1663 , its resolutions could not be drawn up as a Reichs farewell. The resolutions were therefore laid down in the form of so-called imperial conclusions. The ratification of these resolutions was usually carried out by the representative of the emperor at the Reichstag, the principal commissioner , in the form of an imperial commission decree .

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