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Reinhard Diestel (2007)

Reinhard Diestel (* 1959 ) is a German mathematician who deals with graph theory.

Thistle was 1983-1986 scholarship and Knights-winner at the Trinity College of Cambridge University , where in 1986 he at Béla Bollobás doctorate (simplicial decompositions and Universal Graphs). He was then a fellow at St John's College in Cambridge until 1990 . In 1987 he completed his habilitation at the University of Hamburg . He then conducted research in the USA and at Bielefeld University and was a Heisenberg fellow at Oxford University in 1993/94 .

From 1994 to 1996 he was a professor at the TU Chemnitz . He has been a professor in Hamburg since 1996.

Diestel is known as the author of a standard work on graph theory.


  • Graph Theory, 3rd edition, Springer 2005, ISBN 3540213910 , English edition Graph Theory , Springer, first 1997, 3rd edition 2005 Website with online version
  • Graph decompositions - a study in infinite graph theory, Oxford University Press 1990

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