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René François Lacôte (also Pierre René Lacôte , * approx. 1785; † probably after 1868) was a French guitar maker who worked with the leading guitarists of his time.


Little information is available about the biographical details of Lacôte's life, the year and place of birth are unknown, and there is even uncertainty about the year of his death. It is given in many sources as 1855, but Sinier De Ridder refer to an instrument that was supposedly made by Lacôte in 1868. There is also some confusion about the name. While René François has predominantly prevailed, some biographers use Pierre René . A Brevet d'invention issued in 1826 is also made out to Pierre René .

Lacôte was trained by César Pons (1748–1831) in Grenoble until around 1819 . Pons and his sons Joseph and Louis-David were renowned instrument makers, among others the French Empress Marie-Louise ordered a guitar from Joseph Pons for her favorite guitarist Mauro Giuliani .


Napoléon Coste with a heptachorde built by Lacôte (left).

After completing his training, Lacôte went to Paris and started his own business as an instrument maker. In the first half of the 19th century, Paris was the center of early romantic guitar playing. Lacôte worked there with the leading guitarists of his era. So he developed a guitar with a double soundboard for Dionisio Aguado . It is believed that Lacôte also functionally developed Aguados Tripodison .

Together with Ferdinando Carulli he developed a ten-string harp guitar ( Décachorde ), for which Carulli also wrote a textbook ( Méthode Complète pour le Décacorde ). The instrument was played on the five treble strings with the tuning ehgdA, while the five bass strings in the tuning GFEDC should be played empty. The Décachorde was registered for a patent in 1826.

He had a long collaboration with Napoléon Coste . In 1835, Lacôte developed a seven-string guitar ( heptachorde ) together with Coste, and later Coste himself worked on the guitars produced by Lacôte to improve the bridge and tailpiece. With a heptachorde , Lacôte won prizes at the Exposition des produits de l'industrie française in 1839 and 1844 . From the mid-1830s, Lacôte began to sell his instruments in England, initially through English dealers, and from 1845 with his own shop in London. The last known instrument by René François Lacôte dates from 1868.

Lacôte popularized a number of improvements in guitar making. This includes

  • new bracing of the ceiling
  • systematic use of mechanisms on openwork head plates
  • ten-, nine- and seven-string instruments.


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