Rennweger SV 1901

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Rennweger SV 1901
Badge of the Rennweger SV 1901
Basic data
Surname Rennweger Sports Association 1901
Seat Vienna - Landstrasse
founding 1901
Colours black-and-white
First soccer team
Venue Rennweg sports complex
Places nb
league Oberliga B
2018/19 1st place (1st class A)  

The Rennweger SV 1901 Vienna , shortly RSV is a Vienna soccer club from the third district road and playing in the sechstklassigen since the season 2019/20 league B . It is named after the local main road, the Rennweg .


The RSV was founded on February 26, 1901 by the brothers Heinrich and Josef Klomser as well as Ferdinand Lausch and Alois Marischka. In 1904 the association's colors were set to black and white by supplementing the statutes.

In the 1910/1911 season, Rennweger SV won the - unofficial - 2nd class championship and was thus entitled to take part in the first official Viennese and Austrian championships of 1911/1912 as a founding club. After protests from the other teams, however, all home games of the club were penalized with 0: 3 and the RSV ranked last in the league. The reason for the protest was the length of the pitch, which was one meter too short. The championship title of the second division was awarded to ASV Hertha Wien , while Rennweger SV 1901 had to fight for their place in the second division in relegation games.

In 1919 the newly built sports field was opened, which is still the home of the Rennwegers today. After the Austrian civil war , the club was banned from any activity on February 25, 1934, as it was a member of the Workers' Sports Association and thus an institution of the Social Democratic Party . The club therefore decided to join the Vienna Football Association in order to be able to continue playing.

In the 1939/1940 season, the club won the youth championship title and the Vienna Student Cup. In 1952 the youngsters again achieved the junior championship title.

There was a tragic incident in the 1971/72 season; after the championship game against the district rivals LAC, the RSV player Werner Schiehl collapsed dead. Heart failure was the 28-year-old's cause of death.

The former Federal Chancellor and Minister of Economics Wolfgang Schüssel has been a member of the RSV since 1992 .

In 2004/2005 Rennweger SV became champions with a record record after having been in the Oberliga A for 23 years. Only three draws and a goal difference of 149:27 are the league's lone record.

From 2005/2006, Rennweger SV played again in the Vienna City League for the first time since the late 1970s and ended this season in fourth place. 2010/11 was relegated from the Wienerliga.


  • 1910/1911 Master 2 class
  • 1919/1920 Master 3 class A
  • 1965/1966 Master 1 class A - promotion to the Wienerliga
  • 1966/1967 runner-up in the Wienerliga
  • 1969/1970 Master 1 class A - promotion to the Wienerliga
  • 1976/1977 The Rennweger youngsters succeeded as the first club in Austria to become individual and overall champions with four teams (boys, schoolchildren, youth, juniors).
  • 1977/1978 runner-up in the Wienerliga
  • 1978/1979 runner-up in the Wienerliga
  • 2004/2005 champion in the Oberliga A (undefeated) promotion to the Wienerliga
  • 2018/2019 champion in 1st class A. Promotion to Oberliga B

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