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Renvers (eng. Haunches-out , French. Croupe au mur ) is in the art of riding a forward lateral movement of the horse, in which this direction of movement provided and bent is. So the horse runs towards its inner (concave) side. While the hindquarters remain on the hoofbeat , the forehand is placed in the lane. Renvers is the counter lesson to the traverse , in which the forehand stays on the hoofbeat while the hindquarters are placed in the path. Renvers can be ridden on both straight and curved lines. In terms of movement, Travers, Renvers and Traversals are to be seen as one lesson.

Renvers and Travers encourage diligence and momentum because the horse has to step under more with its hind legs. There are also both solving and gathering lessons - all important criteria of the training scale . The hind legs are strengthened and the horse is made more aware of the need for assistance.