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Retail [riːteɪl] is an English term for retail trade , which comes from the old French retaille "cut off part" and tailler "cut".

The typical customer is the common man as the end user. In contrast, the wholesale , English Wholesale . RTL is sometimes used as an abbreviation for retail in lists of goods .

Importance in the computer industry

Products in particular from the PC - hardware range are considered retail (or: Kit ; dt "set" or "collection".) When they are intended for sale to the final consumer. Goods in department stores are usually in the retail version, which means that they are usually in colorful, high-gloss packaging and include, for example, drivers , manuals , cables and screws so that the device can be put into operation immediately.

For example, graphics cards in the retail scope of delivery often include additional software or computer games . The software products designated as real full versions are also considered retail in contrast to the so-called OEM versions.

The opposite of retail is bulk , although the two usually do not differ from each other in the actual main product.

Importance in finance

In the banking sector , the standardized private customer business is called retail banking . The main areas of retail business are account management , investment vehicles , loans and insurance . The business that is geared towards wealthy private customers is called private banking, and the large customer or interbank business is called wholesale business .

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Other meanings

The term retail is also used in many other areas, e.g. B. used in the tourism industry. In the real estate industry, this is understood to mean retail properties.

In the field of sound carriers , retail refers to the mastered final version of an album as it will also be available in stores, in contrast to the demo or the promo edition .

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