Revue des Études Grecques

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The Revue des Études Grecques is a French scientific journal founded in 1888 in the field of Greek studies .

The Revue des Études Grecques has been published by the Association pour l'encouragement des études grecques en France in Paris since 1888 and has since been published without interruption, initially annually, later every six months. It was initially published by Ernest Leroux and is now published by Les Belles Lettres . Since April 2011, the journal has also been represented by a homepage managed by the University of Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux III .

The editors of the Revue des études grecques were in this order: Théodore Reinach (1888–1906), Paul Mazon , Louis Méridier , Pierre Roussel and André Plassart , André Plassart, François Chamoux (1974–1984) and Jacques Bompaire , Jacques Bompaire and Jacques Jouanna (since 1988) and since 1999 Jacques Jouanna and Olivier Picard .

The epigraphic bulletin

From 1913 to 1934 the ancient historian Pierre Roussel was in charge of the Bulletin épigraphique , a column on epigraphy in the Revue des études grecques . From 1936 to 1984 Louis Robert and his wife Jeanne (1910–2002) published this Bulletin épigraphique and made it an extensive communication organ in which all new publications on Greek epigraphy were annually displayed and in some cases critically commented and supplemented. The Bulletin has been edited by a group of scientists since Robert's death .

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