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Typical hotel reception

A reception (also reception ), in Switzerland and Reception , a reception is tresen in the vestibule of a building or space to which an employee receives persons and / or supervised. The most common are receptions in accommodation (e.g. hotels ), in companies , in medical practices and in bank branches . Employees who work at such a reception counter are referred to as receptionists ; female employees are also referred to as receptionists .

Receptions in accommodations

At the reception, the guest can get a first impression of the hotel or hostel - it is the interface between the hotel and the guest. At the reception in the accommodation industry there is usually an employee who gives information to the arriving guests, issues or accepts keys and processes registrations and cancellations. This is where the reception (check-in) and departure (check-out) formalities usually take place. In addition, the concierge , porters or taxis are called from here and other services such as concert ticket orders or wake-up calls are received. The work area and the tasks are diverse and require organizational skills and communication skills.

The receptionist (also: receptionist) is in charge of the reception. With the training as a hotel manager you acquire the qualification to work at a hotel reception. “Receptionist”, however, is not an independent profession, as it is not a profitable, independent business, but a pure service. A hotel usually has a receptionist who is responsible for reservations , cancellations and the prices of the respective services. In addition, the house telephone exchange is often located at the reception desk . In modern hotels, guests are sometimes received at advisory desks. The reception is not only the interface between guest and hotel, but also between all other departments in the house, such as the restaurant , kitchen and floor . She coordinates the cooperation between the departments and is also the point of contact for suppliers and craftsmen. In smaller hotels, the reception also takes care of all guest correspondence, creates invoices, maintains data (for example in online booking systems), creates statistics and prepares accounts for the bookkeeping.

Receptions in the health sector

Receptions can also be found in hospitals, medical practices and clinics. Usually it is trained nurses or specially employed secretaries who manage, supervise and monitor the reception. The employees take emergency calls, private calls and patient calls and forward them if necessary. They also receive and look after emergency doctors, patients and visitors. They also monitor the entrance area in order to help visitors and patients who may have gone astray and / or to intercept and report potentially suspicious visitors.

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