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Guest care at the hotel reception

The hotel manager or the hotel business is in Germany a training occupation or in Switzerland Vocational education and training .


In 2013, 10,536 new training contracts were concluded in Germany . On the ranking list of apprenticeships after new degrees in Germany, the apprenticeship is in 16th place.

It is very similar to that of the restaurant professionals, but expanded to include some areas of activity that arise in hotels in addition to those of restaurants.

In the training, sound basic knowledge of nutrition in general and in particular is imparted, as well as detailed knowledge of food , its origin and preparation. In addition, is beverage customer one of the main components of training. This includes oenology, hot beverages, spirits, beer production, dispensing amounts, legal foundations, etc. All these skills are in addition to high contact reliability , ability to articulate and of course physical fitness necessary to this profession to learn successfully and exercise. The departments passed through are mostly restaurant, banquet service and bar, sometimes also room service.

In addition, the front office departments, where handling the cash register, telephone system and checking in and checking out of guests with the entire care of guests during their stay in the hotel are learned, as well as housekeeping , where room cleaning is learned as well as cleaning the public areas in the hotel are on the training plan, and go through office activities such as bookkeeping and purchasing.

The share of the service departments is around 40 percent, the time at the front office a further 20 percent, housekeeping also 20 percent and the remaining departments a total of around 20 percent.

In contrast to restaurant professionals, hotel professionals have a better chance of getting a job in large hotels, as they already have knowledge of the entire process in such a company. Restaurant professionals, on the other hand, have better chances in very high-quality restaurants (star kitchens) because they have acquired more detailed knowledge of the service process (with carving , filleting , flambéing, etc.) In practice, 39.0% cooks, 33.7% hotel specialists, 16.9% restaurant specialists, 2.4% hotel clerks, 5.0% specialists in system catering and 3.0% in other vocations in catering are trained in practice.


In Switzerland, training to become a hotel manager or hotel manager EFZ takes three years and is mainly undertaken by young women.

Course of training

The professional practice in a hotel has the largest share of the time. This comprises at least 35 weeks per year.

School education differs depending on the canton. You can either attend vocational school one day a week or attend 2 intercantonal specialist courses of 5 weeks each year in a school hotel run by hotelleriesuisse .

The third place of learning are the inter-company courses .

Training opportunities

Many training opportunities are open to trained hotel professionals. E.g. hotel manager.

Shortened second apprenticeships

Professional examination (BP)

  • Head of Hotel Housekeeping
  • Management specialist
  • Head of Restoration
  • Gastro operations manager
  • Head of reception

Higher professional examination (HFP)

  • Dipl. Head of Hotel Housekeeping
  • Dipl. Head of Community Gastronomy
  • Dipl. Head of Restoration

Higher technical School

  • Dipl. Hôtelier / -ière-Restaurateur / -trice HF
  • Dipl. Housekeeping Operations Manager HF

University of Applied Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science (FH) in International Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Science (FH) in facility management
  • Bachelor of Science (FH) in Business Administration

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