Rigel (disambiguation)

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Rigel stands for:

  • the star Rigel
  • the star Alpha Centauri , also called Rigel Kentaurus
  • Rigel (rocket) , an Argentine sounding rocket
  • Rigel (genus) , a genus of hymenoptera (Hymenoptera)
  • Rigel (Schiff, 1924) , Norwegian cargo ship that was sunk in 1944 as a German prisoner transporter
  • Rigel (ship, 1943) , Italian destroyer escort of the Ariete class, sunk as a German torpedo boat TA 28 in 1944 by air raid
  • Rigel (M 1056), minesweeper of the Schütze class (1958) of the German Navy 1962–1990
  • Rigel (M 1057), ex R 135, clearing boat of the Capella or Wega class of the German Navy, 1956–1961
  • Rigel Skerries , archipelago off the coast of Kemplands, Antarctica
  • Mount Rigel , mountain in Palmerland, Antarctica

Rigel is a family name for the following people:

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