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The Ring Junge Bünde (RjB) is an amalgamation of independent, independent and self-responsible youth associations , which see themselves as groups in the tradition of the youth movement . It aims to represent their common interests externally and to promote their connection with one another. The association based in Witzenhausen was founded in 1964.

The RjB and all youth associations represented in it are committed to the basic declaration of the young associations on Meißner's Day 1963.


(As of July 2016)

Former members:

Regional rings

In addition to the ring of young leagues at the federal level, there are several regional rings that are only loosely linked to the RjB. They are not a subdivision of the RjB that only takes up autonomous leagues. However, some member groups of the regional rings are also members of the nationwide RjB through their association.

The following regional RjBs currently exist:

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  2. http://kreuzfahrer.org/
  3. a b 1973 The Skara, which only consisted of a few members, was excluded from the ring of young fraternities together with the "Jungentrucht", because it destroyed all meaningful work within the ring through class struggle slogans and endless discussions, see also: The Icebreaker 62, October 1973