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Robert Smuda (born April 8, 1910 in Neustadt an der Tafelfichte ; † in the 20th century) was a German gymnast from Hamburg , who was part of the German national gymnastics team. Smuda was one of Hamburg's best gymnasts.

Life and athletic career

The Sudeten German Smuda was already a good gymnast in his home country. In 1924 he was first in a gymnastics competition on the occasion of a meeting of the National Socialist German Youth Party in Untermarxdorf. In 1925 Smuda came to Hamburg and from then on did gymnastics first for the St. Pauli Turnverein and later for the Eimsbütteler Turnverband (ETV). Until 1938 he did gymnastics for the ETV, then for the Postsportverein Hamburg.

In January 1941 he became North German Champion in Kiel.

On April 23, 1941, the Badische Presse reported that he had been included in the Nordmark squad in the final of the German Team Championship of the Areas. The Nordmark was able to achieve third place.

In April 1941 he was German mail athlete champion in the men's decathlon.

In August 1941 he did gymnastics with the German team in Sopot and Bromberg.

On December 14, 1941, he was the best individual gymnast ahead of Rudi Gauch in the Nordmark - Kriegsmarine competition .

In January 1943 he was included in the Gaukampf against the Gau Mitte.

After the Second World War he worked again for the ETV, first as an active then as a trainer.

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