Robertus Valturius

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The preface by Valturius to his work De re militari in a 15th century manuscript: Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France , Lat. 7237, fol. 1r
Illustration from an edition of De re militari published in Paris in 1534

Robertus Valturius (Italian Roberto Valturio ; * 1405 in Rimini , † 1475 ibid) was an Italian writer.

Valturius entered the service of Sigismondo Malatesta around 1446 . In 1460 he wrote De re militari (On the art of war), the 12 volumes of which appeared as the first non-fiction books in 1472. The work is one of the most famous war books as well as descriptions of the weapons and war machines of the Renaissance . It was probably printed by Mattei de'Pasti and Johannes Nicolai in Verona . It is said that Valturius designed Malatesta's fortress. In the book list of Leonardo da Vinci is militari De re mentioned, which is a sign that Leonardo had the works Valturio's.


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