Rolf Eckmiller

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Rolf Eckmiller at the state party conference of the FDP Baden-Württemberg in 2015

Rolf Eckmiller (born June 19, 1942 in Berlin ) is a German computer scientist and has been a professor emeritus for neuroinformatics at the University of Bonn since 2008 .


Eckmiller's father was the inventor of the broadband loudspeaker and owner of the "Eckmiller-Werke". In the 1930s he implemented the principle of point-like sound radiation in the "Eckmiller loudspeaker".

Eckmiller is the head of an interdisciplinary research group " Retina Implant ", in which doctors, engineers and computer scientists work together. The aim is to restore part of the eyesight to patients with damage to the retina but with an intact optic nerve .

Eckmiller is the father of three children.